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Advanced Yoga Practices - Easy Lessons for Ecstatic Living
A large user-friendly textbook providing 240 detailed lessons covering the core methods of the AYP self-directed system of practices. This comprehensive text includes substantial additional material beyond the original free online lessons, enabling the serious practitioner to successfully navigate the journey to enlightenment.

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Note: The AYP Plus Online Lessons, including streaming audio, duplicate and expand on the content of this book.

Advanced Yoga Practices - Easy Lessons for Ecstatic Living, Vol. 2
A second large user-friendly textbook, continuing the detailed lessons for the AYP integrated system, bringing the total for both volumes to over 400 lessons. Substantial additional material beyond the original free online lessons is provided, covering a wide range of practical methods for middle and end stage spiritual development.

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Note: The AYP Plus Online Lessons, including streaming audio, duplicate and expand on the content of this book.

The Secrets of Wilder - A Story of Inner Silence, Ecstasy and Enlightenment
This modern story was written before AYP, helping inspire the practical writings on self-directed spiritual practice that became the AYP Lessons. Join John Wilder on his journey through deep meditation, spinal breathing, tantric sexual methods, and  other powerful techniques, leading to a global awakening.

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Easy-to-read/hear instruction books on yoga and spiritual practices, including:

Deep Meditation - Pathway to Personal Freedom
A concise step-by-step instruction book for a powerful method of meditation that will systematically unfold inner peace, creativity and energy in daily life. Deep Meditation is an effective tool for reducing stress, improving your relationships, achieving more success in your career, and for revealing the ultimate truth of life.

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Spinal Breathing Pranayama - Journey to Inner Space
Practical instructions on one of the most effective breathing techniques for purifying and opening the nervous system to our inner realms. Spinal Breathing Pranayama is a vital complement to Deep Meditation for expanding pure bliss consciousness to enliven ecstatic conductivity and radiance within and around us.

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Tantra - Discovering the Power of Pre-Orgasmic Sex
A common-sense guide on utilizing sexuality to complement a full-scope system of yoga practices. Techniques are included enabling couples and solo practitioners to utilize the sexual response to cultivate sexual energy to its highest levels of spiritual ecstasy. A practical instruction book on sexuality in relation to our spiritual path.

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Asanas, Mudras & Bandhas - Awakening Ecstatic Kundalini
Physical postures and special internal maneuvers can bring relaxation, good health, and much more. With correct application and sequencing in combination with sitting practices, whole-body ecstatic conductivity can be safely awakened. See here for key Asanas, Mudras and Bandhas, plus a yoga-friendly exercise program.

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Samyama - Cultivating Stillness in Action, Siddhis and Miracles
With Deep Meditation comes stillness and the ability to accomplish great things in life. This is stillness in action, and it is greatly expanded through the simple yet powerful technique of Samyama. Detailed instructions are provided enabling all of our actions to be conducted from within our inner divine realm of unlimited power.

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Diet, Shatkarmas and Amaroli - Yogic Nutrition & Cleansing for Health and Spirit
This is more than a diet book. It is an integrated set of instructions on yogic nutrition, hygiene and rejuvenation, for facilitating good health and the process of human spiritual transformation. These approaches and methods will be the most effective when applied as part of a balanced program of yoga practices.

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Self-Inquiry - Dawn of the Witness and the End of Suffering
With Deep Meditation and the rise of inner silence, we find an increasing ability to observe our thoughts as objectsSelf-Inquiry provides practical methods for making use of our inner witness in daily activity and relationships, resulting in increased inner stability and happiness amidst the ups and downs of life.

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Bhakti & Karma Yoga - The Science of Devotion and Liberation Through Action
By systematic application of the essential principles of desire and devotion we can achieve our goals and spiritual aspirations. Through action we can transform our life experience to one of ecstatic bliss. Bhakti and Karma Yoga reveals how desire and action can be  utilized to hasten our progress toward enlightenment.

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Eight Limbs of Yoga - The Structure and Pacing of Self-Directed Spiritual Practice
The center of all spiritual progress is found within each human nervous system. When time-tested methods for stimulating the transformation are applied in an integrated way, progress can occur within any cultural or religious setting. Building a self-directed practice routine for the long term is covered here.

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Retreats - Fast Track to Freedom - A Guide for Leaders and Practitioners
With many undertaking individual self-directed practice using the AYP open-source approach, there has been increasing interest in doing AYP retreats. Additional sittings in scheduled group practice mode provide the opportunity to cultivate greatly increased abiding inner silence, with corresponding long-lasting benefits.

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Liberation - The Fruition of Yoga
A survey of the methods of yoga in relation to the arising of the non-dual condition of enlightenment. This covers the rise of the witness and evolution to "ripeness," leading to the direct realization of the observer being one with all objects of perception, and the emergence of an unending flow of divine love in the world.

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Advanced Yoga Practices Support Forum Posts of Yogani, 2005-2010
A large book containing all AYP Support Forum posts by Yogani over a six year period. About 2,000 posts are included, providing extensive commentary on spiritual practices and experiences in Q&A mode, supplementing the AYP Lessons. Links to all posts, forum topics and referenced sources are included.

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