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1-9  (Not Used)

10 Why This Discussion?  (Audio)

        10.1 - What has Changed in Ten Years?  (Audio)

        10.2 - Implications of the Rise of Open Systems of Spiritual Practice  (Audio)

11 What is Yoga? What is Religion?  (Audio)

        11.1 - You can't Win Some Arguments, But It's Okay  (Audio)

        11.2 - Human Spiritual Transformation in Christianity  (Audio)

12 The Essential Ingredient - Desire  (Audio)

        12.1 - Relationship between Desire and Devotion (Bhakti)  (Audio)

13 Meditation - Awakening the Silent Seed  (Audio)

        13.1 - Mantra and Meaning  (Audio)

        13.2 - Placement of Eyes During Deep Meditation  (Audio)

        13.3 - Relationship of Attention, Mantra and Thoughts in Deep Meditation  (Audio)

        13.4 - Using a Mantra vs. Emptying the Mind  (Audio)

        13.5 - Effortlessly Losing the Mantra  =  Transcendence of Thought  (Audio)

        13.6 - Contemplations versus Deep Meditation  (Audio)

        13.7 - Ups and Downs During Deep Meditation with Steady Results in Daily Activity  (Audio)

        13.8 - Difficulties with Meditating Right after Meals and Right before Bedtime  (Audio)

        13.9 - How to Regard Experiences During Rest After Deep Meditation  (Audio)

        13.10 - Can I do Deep Meditation Lying Down?  (Audio)

14 Not Much Happening in Meditation  (Audio)

15 Restlessness in Meditation  (Audio)

        15.1 - Implications of the Awareness or "Witnessing" Technique  (Audio)

15.2 - Picking Up the Mantra - Easy Versus Too Much Strain  (Audio)

        15.3 - Use of Witnessing Technique During Intense Spinal Breathing Pranayama Session  (Audio)

16 Bliss in Meditation  (Audio)

        16.1 - Clarifications on Healing and Self-Inquiry for an AYP Newcomer  (Audio)

17 Was I Asleep in Meditation?  (Audio)

18 Finding the Time for Meditation  (Audio)

        18.1 - Meditating Right Before Bed Time  (Audio)

        18.2 - Making Meditation a Habit Like Brushing Teeth  (Audio)

        18.3 - Symptoms of Meditating Right after a Big Meal and Right before Sleep  (Audio)

19 What Tradition to Follow?  (Audio)

        19.1 - What to Do When a Famous Guru Comes to Town  (Audio)

        19.2 - Vipassana Meditation in Relation to the AYP System  (Audio)

        19.3 - Deep Meditation as a Stand-Alone Practice  (Audio)

20 Enlightenment without God?  (Audio)

21 Objects of Meditation  (Audio)

22 Vibratory Quality of Mantra  (Audio)

23 Watching the Clock in Meditation  (Audio)

24 Does Meditation Cure Sickness?  (Audio)

        24.1 - Deep Meditation as an Aid for Neurological Disorders  (Audio)

        24.2 - Meditation for Illness and for Going Beyond Illness  (Audio)

        24.3 - Can Meditation Cure Chronic Muscle Tightness?  (Audio)

        24.4 - Meditation, Yoga and Eye Health Issues  (Audio)

        24.5 - Can Meditation Help Those with Mental Health Issues?  (Audio)

        24.6 - Yogani's Experience with a Major Illness  (Audio)

25 Effect of Meditation on High Stress Situations  (Audio)

26  (Not Used)

27 Location of Mantra in Meditation  (Audio)

28 Will I become a Milquetoast from Meditation?  (Audio)

29 Alcohol, Tobacco and Drugs  (Audio)

        29.1 - Alcoholism, Addiction and Yoga  (Audio)

        29.2 - Will Deep Meditation Eliminate Bad Habits?  (Audio)

30 Diet and Meditation  (Audio)

        30.1 - On Diet: Effect of Sensory Perception Refining in Stillness  (Audio)

        30.2 - Arguing How Others Should Eat Based on a Moral Ideology  (Audio)

31 Enjoying the Great Outdoors  (Audio)

32  (Not Used)

33 A New Way to Sit in Meditation  (Audio)

34 Meditation and World Problems  (Audio)

        34.1 - "Law of Attraction" and Solving World Problems  (Audio)

35 Enlightenment Milestones  (Audio)

36 Meditation and the Fifth Dimension  (Audio)

        36.1 - Inner Silence and Problem Solving  (Audio)

        36.2 - Transcending Time and Space  (Audio)

37 Group Meditations  (Audio)

38 What is Your Time Line?  (Audio)

        38.1 - Expanded Discussion on the Importance of Self-Pacing  (Audio)

        38.2 - Quick Advice on Self-Pacing for a Long Term Meditator  (Audio)

        38.3 - Frantically Trying to Do It All in This Lifetime  (Audio)

39 Pranayama - Cultivating the Soil of the Nervous System  (Audio)

        39.1 - Pranayama: Theory and Practice  (Audio)

40  (Not Used)

41 Spinal Breathing Pranayama  (Audio)

        41.1 - Nadi Shodana Pranayama (Alternate Nostril Breathing)  (Audio)

        41.2 - Spinal Breathing Pranayama and Chakras?  (Audio)

        41.3 - Moving Beyond the Mind in Spinal Breathing Pranayama  (Audio)

        41.4 - Getting Started with Spinal Breathing Pranayama  (Audio)

        41.5 - Visions during Spinal Breathing Pranayama  (Audio)

        41.6 - Spinal Breathing Pranayama: Strong at the Root and Weak at the Brow  (Audio)

        41.7 - Changing Seats between Spinal Breathing Pranayama and Deep Meditation  (Audio)

42 Is this Pranayama Natural?  (Audio)

43 Relationship of Pranayama to Meditation  (Audio)

44 Finding the Spinal Nerve  (Audio)

        44.1 - Clarification on Visualizing the Spinal Nerve  (Audio)

        44.2 - Feeling Energy, but Not Finding the Spinal Nerve  (Audio)

        44.3 - Favoring the Spinal Nerve in Abiding Inner Silence  (Audio)

45 Breathing is Slowing Down in Pranayama  (Audio)

        45.1 - How to Handle Very Refined Spinal Breathing Pranayama  (Audio)

        45.2 - On Intentionally Suspending the Breath During Pranayama  (Audio)

46 Which Way is Up in Spinal Breathing?  (Audio)

47 Chakras?  (Audio)

        47.1 - Descriptions of the Seven Main Chakras  (Audio)

        47.2 - Chakras in Christianity and Other Traditions  (Audio)

48 Pranayama and Health  (Audio)

49 Perspiration in Pranayama  (Audio)

50 Managing the Time in Pranayama  (Audio)

51 Strange Gurglings in Pranayama  (Audio)

        51.1 - Minty Sensations After Practices  (Audio)

52 Big Little Nerve  (Audio)

53 Light and Sound in Pranayama  (Audio)

        53.1 - Ecstatic Humming in Pranayama  (Audio)

54 Kundalini - A Code Word for Sex  (Audio)

        54.1 - How do I Awaken Kundalini?  (Audio)

55 Mulabandha - Enlivening Sexual Energy Upward  (Audio)

        55.1 - Variations on Mulabandha for Ease of Practice  (Audio)

        55.2 - Transcendence or Energy Practices? Considering an Alternate Path  (Audio)

        55.3 - Throbbing at the Muladhara (Perineum/Root)  (Audio)

        55.4 - Mulabandha: Sexual Energy Sensations Coming and Going  (Audio)

56 Sambhavi - Opening the Third Eye  (Audio)

        56.1 - Coordinating Sambhavi Mudra with Spinal Breathing  (Audio)

        56.2 - Using Props to Force Sambhavi Mudra  (Audio)

57 The Guru is in Me?  (Audio)

        57.1 - Spiritual Desire (Bhakti) Flowing in Stillness  (Audio)

        57.2 - Those Grouchy Gurus  (Audio)

        57.3 - The Traditional Indian Guru System and AYP  (Audio)

        57.4 - Improving the Guru-Disciple Connection  (Audio)

58 Step by Step  (Audio)

59 Some Mantra Particulars  (Audio)

        59.1 - Is I AM (AYAM) an English or Sanskrit Word?  (Audio)

        59.2 - Linear vs. Circular Mantra  (Audio)

        59.3 - Source of the I AM (AYAM) Mantra  (Audio)

        59.4 - OM vs I AM (AYAM) Mantra for Beginning Meditators  (Audio)

        59.5 - "Bija" Mantras versus AYP "I AM" (AYAM) Mantra  (Audio)

60 Unexpected Interruptions  (Audio)

61  (Not Used)

62 Duration of One Spinal Breathing Cycle?  (Audio)

63 Cool and Warm Currents in Pranayama  (Audio)

64 The Ecstatic Silver Thread  (Audio)

65 The Pineal and Pituitary Glands  (Audio)

66 We are Arriving, Not Leaving  (Audio)

        66.1 - How to Get to Heaven  (Audio)

67 Bhakti - The Science of Devotion  (Audio)

68 Relationship of Traumatic Experiences and Bhakti  (Audio)

        68.1 - Adversity Leading to Bhakti Explosion  (Audio)

        68.2 - Inner Silence and the Grieving Process  (Audio)

69 Kundalini Symptoms, Imbalances and Remedies  (Audio)

        69.1 - An Update on Kundalini Imbalances and Remedies  (Audio)

        69.2 - Rash, Vertigo and Dizziness  (Audio)

        69.3 - Dialog on Third Eye Pressure  (Audio)

        69.4 - What is Spiritual Grounding vs. Electrical Grounding?  (Audio)

70  (Not Used)

71 Yoga Asanas - A Wonderful Billion Dollar Industry  (Audio)

        71.1 - Asana Starter Kit, with Instructions and Illustrations  (Audio)

        71.2 - Maha Mudra  (Audio)

        71.3 - Sequencing Kumbhaka (breath retention) in Maha Mudra  (Audio)

        71.4 - Adapting Asanas (Postures) for Seniors  (Audio)

        71.5 - Videos: AYP Asana Starter Kit  (Audio)

        71.6 - Videos: AYP Abbreviated Asana Starter Kit (Standing)  (Audio)

        71.7 - Video: Uddiyana Bandha (Abdominal Lift)  (Audio)

        71.8 - Conscious Seizure during Yoga Asanas  (Audio)

        71.9 - When is the Best Time to Add Asanas to the AYP Routine?  (Audio)

        71.10 - Can't Suspend Breath Much When Doing Uddiyana Bandha (Abdominal Lift)  (Audio)

72 Please Tell Me Exactly What To Do  (Audio)

73 More on Chakras  (Audio)

        73.1 - Chakras: Academic Theory versus Actual Practice  (Audio)

        73.2 - Chakras and the Spinal Nerve  (Audio)

74 For This Life, and The Next One  (Audio)

        74.1 - Remembering Past Lives?  (Audio)

        74.2 - It's Never Too Late to Develop a Consistent Practice  (Audio)

        74.3 - Can Seniors Awaken Ecstatic Conductivity and Kundalini?  (Audio)

        74.4 - Intense Kundalini Awakening in Old Age  (Audio)

75 Siddhasana - Living in a Fountain of Ecstasy  (Audio)

        75.1 - Taking Good Care of the Knees in Siddhasana  (Audio)

        75.2 - Can Siddhasana be Used to Block Sexual Desire?  (Audio)

        75.3 - Siddhasana and the Ecstatic Preorgasmic State  (Audio)

76 Siddhis - Are Powers Real?  (Audio)

77 Still More on Chakras  (Audio)

78 Pleasure and the Path  (Audio)

79 Mantra Reminders  (Audio)

        79.1 - Rhythm of Mantra Repetition  (Audio)

        79.2 - More on Mantra Repetition  (Audio)

        79.3 - Favoring Stillness Instead of the Mantra During Deep Meditation?  (Audio)

        79.4 - Confirming the Subtle Vibration of the Mantra in Deep Meditation  (Audio)

        79.5 - Picking Up the Mantra as a Feeling Beyond Thinking  (Audio)

        79.6 - Recognizing When to Pick Up the Mantra during Deep Meditation  (Audio)

        79.7 - Favoring versus Listening for the Mantra During Deep Meditation  (Audio)

80 Physical Fitness and Yoga  (Audio)

        80.1 - Instructions for Aerobic and Muscle Toning Exercises  (Audio)

        80.2 - Video: Ten Minute Muscle Toning Exercises  (Audio)

        80.3 - Are Tai Chi and Qi Gong Substitutes for Deep Meditation?  (Audio)

        80.4 - AYP Muscle Toning Exercises for Women  (Audio)

        80.5 - Did Yogani do Sports?  (Audio)

81 Charging Ahead Too Fast?  (Audio)

        81.1 - The Implications of Self-Pacing and Grounding in Practices and in Life  (Audio)

        81.2 - Building a Full AYP Routine in a Month?  (Audio)

        81.3 - Timing Suggestions for Taking on Practices  (Audio)

        81.4 - Eating Too Much Too Fast at the AYP "All-You-Can-Eat" Restaurant  (Audio)

        81.5 - Mild Headache after Taking on Practices too Fast  (Audio)

        81.6 - How Fast to Add New Practices, and Which Ones Beyond Core Practices?  (Audio)

82 (Not Used)

83 There She Goes - Kundalini, that is  (Audio)

84 The Art of Doing Nothing  (Audio)

        84.1 - Do Enlightened People Remember Past Lives?  (Audio)

        84.2 - The Cause and Effect of Causeless Liberation  (Audio)

        84.3 - Is Awakening in Enlightenment Sudden or Gradual?  (Audio)

85 Enlightenment Milestones Revisited  (Audio)

        85.1 - Avoiding Premature Kundalini Excesses  (Audio)

        85.2 - Kundalini Energy Addiction  (Audio)

        85.3 - The Rush to Ecstatic Conductivity  (Audio)

        85.4 - Is Kundalini Dangerous?  (Audio)

86 Finding Your Meditation Routine  (Audio)

        86.1 - Coordinating Meditation with Spiritual Study  (Audio) 

        86.2 - Use of Mantra Japa to Calm the Mind During Activity  (Audio)

        86.3 - Doubling Up with Mantra Japa  (Audio)

        86.4 - Deep Meditation Tips on Noise, Imagery and Daily Practice  (Audio)

        86.5 - Question on Mala, Wearing the Sacred Beads  (Audio)

87  (Not Used)

88 The Magic of Bhakti  (Audio)

89 The Caduceus - A Snapshot of You and Me  (Audio)

90 Caduceus Correction and Ida/Pingala Review  (Audio)

        90.1 - Whipping Movements - Ida, Pingala and Kundalini  (Audio)

91 Yoni Mudra Kumbhaka - Purging the Third Eye, and More  (Audio)

        91.1 - Risks of External Kumbhaka (External Breath Retention)  (Audio)

        91.2 - Optional Rest Between Yoni Mudra Kumbhaka Cycles  (Audio)

        91.3 - Yoni Mudra Kumbhaka and the Tunnel and Star  (Audio)

        91.4 - AYP Yoni Mudra Kumbhaka versus the Traditional Version  (Audio)

92 The Star  (Audio)

93 Changing Times  (Audio)

94 Some House Cleaning Tips  (Audio)

        94.1 - Short Q&As with a One Year Practitioner  (Audio)

        94.2 - Are Cold Showers an Aid to Enlightenment?  (Audio)

95 Stabilizing Ecstasy  (Audio)

96 Spinal Breathing Startup Review  (Audio)

97 Tantra - Help for Sex Maniacs and Ordinary Lovers  (Audio)

98 Yoga and Marriage  (Audio)

        98.1 - Self-Pacing Our Practice for Spouse and Children  (Audio)

        98.2 - Which is Most Important; Career, Family, or Spiritual Practices?  (Audio)

        98.3 - On Extramarital Infatuation  (Audio)

99 Practices - Front End and Back End  (Audio)

        99.1 - What is the Best Practice Time Ratio between Spinal Breathing Pranayama and Deep Meditation?  (Audio)

100 What is Enlightenment?  (Audio)

101 What is Brahmacharya?  (Audio)

102 Importance of Smooth Long-Term Meditation Routine  (Audio)

            102.1 - Forcing the Mantra  (Audio)

103 Destiny and free will  (Audio)

            103.1 - Do Enlightened People Have Free Will?  (Audio)

104 Stubborn Energy Blockages  (Audio)

105 Hitting a Wall at Mulabandha  (Audio)

106 Mantra and Breathing in Meditation  (Audio)

107 Self-Pacing in Postures and Practices  (Audio)

108 Kechari Mudra - A Giant Leap for Humankind  (Audio)

            108.1 - Kechari Stage 5  (Audio)

            108.2 - Talabya versus Snipping for Reducing the Frenum  (Audio)

            108.3 - Pushing the Tongue Forward in Kechari Stage 2  (Audio)

            108.4 - Must I do Kechari before Moving on in the Lessons?  (Audio)

             108.5 - Seeking Kechari Help, Going from Stage 3 to 4  (Audio)

             108.6 - From Kechari to Whole Body Mudra  (Audio)

109 Bhakti, Meditation and Inner Silence  (Audio)

110 Romantic Love  (Audio)

             110.1 - Twin Flames and Soul Mates  (Audio)

111  (Not Used)

112 Bhakti: Up Close and Personal  (Audio)

113 Bliss, Ecstasy, and Divine Love  (Audio)

             113.1 -  Addicted to Ecstasy?  (Audio)

114 Kechari - Throat Jamming in Stage 1  (Audio)

          114.1 - More on Going from Kechari Stage 1 to Stage 2  (Audio)

115 Mantra, Language and Meaning  (Audio)

            115.1 - We are "That"  (Audio)

116 Meditation - First Enhancement of Mantra  (Audio)

            116.1 - Meditation: Getting Started with First Enhancement of Mantra  (Audio)

117 Finding a Mantra with no Meaning?  (Audio)

118 Strong Pulse in Meditation  (Audio)

119 Some Other Approaches to Mulabandha  (Audio)

120 "Getting Enlightenment"  (Audio)

            120.1 - The "Gold Standard" for Determining Enlightenment  (Audio)

            120.2 - Liberation in this Lifetime  (Audio)

            120.3 - Dialog on "Getting Enlightenment"  (Audio)

            120.4 - Keeping Enlightenment All to Myself?  (Audio)

121 Pratyahara - Expansion of the Senses Inward  (Audio)

            121.1 - A Confirmation of Pratyahara as Introversion of Sensory Perception  (Audio)

122 Witnessing  (Audio)

            122.1 - Finding Mindfulness  (Audio)

             122.2 - What's Wrong with Holding On to the Things We Love?  (Audio)

             122.3 - Is Witnessing a Mind Game?  (Audio)

              122.4 - Relationship of Witness and Inner Obstructions  (Audio)

              122.5 - Witnessing the Pain of Getting a Tattoo, or the Pain of Anything Else  (Audio)

              122.6 - A Practitioner's Perspective on Witnessing the Dramas of Life  (Audio)

123 (Omitted)

124 Keeping it Simple  (Audio)

              124.1 - Fear of Spiritual Awakening  (Audio)

              124.2 - Fear of "Ego Death"  (Audio)

125 Kundalini Heat  (Audio)

             125.1 - A Premature Kundalini Awakening  (Audio)

             125.2 - Kundalini, Change in Eye Color and Healing  (Audio)

             125.3 - Tibetan Buddhist Tummo and Kundalini Heat  (Audio)

126 Relationship of Pratyahara, Intellect and Bhakti  (Audio)

127 Siddhasana or Padmasana?  (Audio)

             127.1 - Creative Postures for Comfort During Spinal Breathing  (Audio)

             127.2 - Increasing Time in Padmasana (Full Lotus Seat)  (Audio)

128 Siddhasana and Pressure in the Head  (Audio)

129 Nauli - Raising Kundalini with Your Abdominal Muscles  (Audio)

             129.1 - Videos: Uddiyana Bandha and Nauli  (Audio)

130 Vibrations at the Root  (Audio)

131 Coordinating Sambhavi and Spinal Breathing  (Audio)

132 What is Sin?  (Audio)

             132.1 - Spiritual Practice and Moral Codes of Conduct  (Audio)

133 Nectar  (Audio)

            133.1 - Kechari Mudra and the Nectar Cycle  (Audio)

            133.2 - Another Bout of Amrita (Nectar)  (Audio)

            133.3 - Can Early Stage Amrita (Nectar) be Poisonous?  (Audio)

            133.4 - Capturing the Pleasant Aromas of Amrita (Nectar)  (Audio)

            133.5 - Should I be Redirecting the Flow of Amrita?  (Audio)

            133.6 - Amrita Blocked in the Sinuses  (Audio)

134 Yoga and Western Psychology  (Audio)

135 Kundalini Currents in Legs and Arms  (Audio)

            135.1 - Hand Mudra (Jnana or Chin)  (Audio)

             135.2 - Painful Kundalini Energy in Arms, Legs and Feet  (Audio)

136 Vigyan Bhairav Tantra - The 112 Techniques  (Audio)

137 Getting Both Feet into Paradise  (Audio)

138 Would You Like to get Reconditioned?  (Audio)

139 Dynamic Jalandhara - The Chin Pump  (Audio)

             139.1 - Chin Pump, Cerebro-Spinal Fluid and Thokar  (Audio)

             139.2 - Video: Dynamic Jalandhara (Chin Pump)  (Audio)

140 Chin Pump - Coordinating Head Rotation and Breathing  (Audio)

            140.1 - Chin Pump, Automatic Yoga and Self-Pacing  (Audio)

141 (Omitted)

142 (Omitted)

143 Chin Pump - Effects in the Lower Body  (Audio)

144 Chin Pump Lite (Without Kumbhaka)  (Audio)

145 Overdoing it with Asanas  (Audio)

146 Shaktipat - Direct Transmissions of Spiritual Energy  (Audio)

           146.1 - Caution on Interpersonal Energy Manipulations  (Audio)

            146.2 - A Long Bumpy Road After Shaktipat  (Audio)

            146.3 - Dialog with a Would-Be Energy Transmission Guru  (Audio)

             146.4 - Shaktipat and the Attraction of Automatic Yoga (Kriyas)  (Audio)

    146.5 - Minimizing Invasive Energy in Eye Contact  (Audio)

147 Sequencing of Asanas, Pranayama and Meditation  (Audio)

148 Why Practices Twice a Day?  (Audio)

149 The Eight Limbs of Yoga, and Samyama - Melting the Darkness  (Audio)

150 Samyama Practice  (Audio)

            150.1 -  On Timing the Fifteen Second Release  (Audio)

            150.2 -  Samyama Sutras in Practice - Meanings versus the Words  (Audio)

            150.3 -  Samyama Sutras, Expectations and the Realities of Practice  (Audio)

151 Samyama - Settling in with Your Sutras  (Audio)

            151.1 - Samyama and the Energy Before Thoughts  (Audio)

            151.2 - Relationship of Akasha and Pure Bliss Consciousness  (Audio)

            151.3 - Samyama for Sensitive Meditators  (Audio)

            151.4 - Samyama, Scenery and Self-Inquiry  (Audio)

            151.5 - Self-Pacing the Explosive Force of Samyama  (Audio)

            151.6 - Are "Akasha" and "Inner Space" the Same Thing?  (Audio)

152 Thinking about Meanings versus Doing Samyama Practice  (Audio)

153 Yoga Sutra Translations, and on Becoming "Super-Normal"  (Audio)

154 Samyama - "Let Go and Let God"  (Audio)

155 Samyama - Lightness, Lurching and Levitation?  (Audio)

            155.1 - Relationship of the Body with Akasha and the Lightness of Air  (Audio)

            155.2 - Optional Enhancement of the Lightness/Levitation Sutra  (Audio)

156 Muladhara/Root and Integration of Practices  (Audio)

157 What is Inner Silence?  (Audio)

158 Too Relaxed in Meditation?  (Audio)

159 Too Many Thoughts in Meditation?  (Audio)

            159.1 - What to do with Thoughts in Deep Meditation and Spinal Breathing Pranayama  (Audio)

160 Extreme Sensitivity to Meditation - What To Do?  (Audio)

161 Dark Nights and the Rise of Inner Silence  (Audio)

            161.1 - Dark Stuff Flushed Away  (Audio)

            161.2 - What is the Dark Night of the Soul?  (Audio)

162 (Omitted)

163 Sublime Clarity  (Audio)

164 Human Power  (Audio)

            164.1 - Personal Power Becoming Divine Power  (Audio)

165 Desire and Change  (Audio)

            165.1 - Is AYP For Householders or Monks and Nuns?  (Audio)

166 Pay It Forward  (Audio)

167 Living on Air and Sunlight Alone?  (Audio)

168 Is Pain a Prerequisite for Inner Peace?  (Audio)

169 Is This Ecstatic Conductivity?  (Audio)

            169.1 - Symptoms of Ecstatic Conductivity  (Audio)

170 That's Kundalini?  (Audio)

            170.1 - Purification or Kundalini Awakening?  (Audio)

171 Spinal Bastrika Pranayama - Pressure-Washing Your Karma  (Audio)

             171.1 - Alternate Nostril Spinal Bastrika Pranayama  (Audio)

            171.2 - Tracing the Spinal Nerve in Spinal Bastrika Pranayama  (Audio)

            171.3 - Should Ujjayi be used with Spinal Bastrika Pranayama?  (Audio)

            171.4 - Video: Bastrika pranayama with spontaneous kumbhaka and jalandhara bandha  (Audio)

172 Spinal Bastrika Energy, Sleep, and Time of Practice  (Audio)

173 Spinal Bastrika Cycle Time  (Audio)

           173.1 - Adding Spinal Bastrika in the Practice Routine  (Audio)

174 Sex and Sambhavi  (Audio)

175 Suspending Breath and New Experiences  (Audio)

176 Dissecting Samyama  (Audio)

            176.1 - Samyama, or Samadhi for Its Own Sake?  (Audio)

            176.2 - Samyama - Theory vs. Practice  (Audio)

177 Advanced Siddhasana  (Audio)

178 Dharma  (Audio)

179 The Star Revisited  (Audio)

180 Off to a Good Start in Meditation  (Audio)

181 Expectations and Our Time Line  (Audio)

182 Healthy Skepticism  (Audio)

            182.1- A Skeptic with Spiritual Desire (Bhakti)  (Audio)

183 Movements and Automatic Yoga  (Audio)

184 Teleportation, Samyama & Siddhis  (Audio)

            184.1 - A Healthy Approach to Acquiring Siddhis/Powers  (Audio)

185 Role of the Intellect  (Audio)

186 Meditation - Second Enhancement of Mantra  (Audio)

187 Establishing and Maintaining Daily Practice  (Audio)

             187.1 - Which Practice to Add Next?  (Audio)

             187.2 - Early Energy Reactions to Deep Meditation and How to Proceed  (Audio)

188 Mantra Design 101  (Audio)

            188.1 - Meditation - Third Enhancement of Mantra  (Audio)

189 Where is the Third Eye?  (Audio)

190 Sambhavi During Meditation?  (Audio)

191 How to Cultivate Ecstatic Conductivity  (Audio)

192 Tips on Kechari  (Audio)

193 Extending Practice Time Safely  (Audio)

            193.1 - Why Not Meditate Every 2-3 Hours?  (Audio)

            193.2 - Can I Make it with Deep Meditation and Samyama Only?  (Audio)

194 More Flashing Lights  (Audio)

195 Mantra, Thoughts, and Attention  (Audio)

196 Refining a Sound in the Mind  (Audio)

197 Kechari Sensations  (Audio)

198 Targeted Bastrika - A Laser for Karmic Cleansing  (Audio)

199 Managing the Opening of the Crown  (Audio)

            199.1 - Cracking Open the Top of the Head  (Audio)

            199.2 - Worry about Premature Crown Opening  (Audio)

200 Follow-up on a Sensitive Meditator  (Audio)

           200.1 - More Follow-up with a Sensitive Meditator  (Audio)

201 The Drama of a Premature Crown Opening  (Audio)

202 Free-Form versus Structured Practices  (Audio)

            202.1 - To Go with Automatic Yoga Impulses or Not?  (Audio)

            202.2 - Using "Automatic Yoga" as a Primary or Stand-Alone Practice?  (Audio)

203 Reflections on Some Dramatic Experiences  (Audio)

            203.1 - Powerful Practices and Vulnerable Souls  (Audio)

204 Summary of Principles, Abilities, and Practices  (Audio)

           204.1 - Sequence and Times for a Complete Yoga Routine  (Audio)

            204.2 - Touching on Non-Dual Self-Inquiry and Karma Yoga  (Audio)

205 More on Kechari  (Audio)

            205.1 - A Doctor's Inquiry on Kechari: Small Snips vs. Large Cut  (Audio)

             205.2 - Strong Bhakti, Kechari and Anatomy Concerns  (Audio)

             205.3 - On Pursuing Higher Stages of Kechari Mudra  (Audio)

206 Varieties of Spinal Breathing  (Audio)

             206.1 - Bhakti, Ishta and Spinal Breathing Pranayama  (Audio)

207 Left or Right Side Imbalances  (Audio)

           207.1 - Lopsided Crown Opening  (Audio)

208 Inner Energy Collisions and Strong Emotions  (Audio)

209 Fitting Daily Practices into a Busy Schedule  (Audio)

            209.1 - Spinal Bastrika with Chin Pump  (Audio)

            209.2 - Balancing Practices with Normal Daily Activity  (Audio)

210 Handling Automatic Yoga and Siddhis  (Audio)

            210.1 - Rapid Breathing and Vibrations during Deep Meditation  (Audio)

            210.2 - Automatic Chanting of OM during Samyama  (Audio)

211 (Omitted)

212 Whole Body Mudra  (Audio)

213 Conscious Sleeping  (Audio)

           213.1 - More on Witnessing Sleep  (Audio)

            213.2 - Witnessing Dreams  (Audio)

            213.3 - Is Witnessing Sleep Keeping Me Awake?  (Audio)

            213.4 - Sudden Releases During Sleep  (Audio)

214 Finding Your Spiritual "Hook"  (Audio)

            214.1 - Is Hair or the Lack of It a Factor on the Spiritual Path?  (Audio)

215 (Omitted)

216 Kundalini Jolts and Self-Pacing in Practices  (Audio)

217 Responsibility  (Audio)

            217.1 - Increasing Responsibility in Unity  (Audio)

218 Meditation Sensitivity and Head Movements  (Audio)

219 Irritability in Activity  (Audio)

            219.1 - Belly Breathing, Mindfulness and Meditation Sensitivity  (Audio)

            219.2 - Delayed Reactions from Practice and When Less is More  (Audio)

            219.3 - Overdoing Leading to Illness  (Audio)

220 Opening the Heart Chakra  (Audio)

221 Expanding Heart Space  (Audio)

            221.1 - Yoga, Christianity and Kundalini  (Audio)

            221.2 - Bhakti, Kundalini, Self-Inquiry and Christianity  (Audio)

            221.3 - Bringing Kundalini from the Head into the Heart  (Audio)

            221.4 - Overload in the Heart  (Audio)

            221.5 - Pushing too Hard in the Heart Space  (Audio)

222 Chimes in Inner Space?  (Audio)

223 Kechari Stage 1 and-a-half? (a dialog)  (Audio)

224 Automatic Kechari and Visions  (Audio)

225 Clearing the Clouds  (Audio)

226 Expansion on Our Mind  (Audio)

            226.1 -  When to Add Practices  (Audio)

227 Meditation, Activity, and Sleep  (Audio)

            227.1 - Sleep/Drowsiness Problem Related to a Stand-Alone Pranayama  (Audio)

228 Heart Opening and Service  (Audio)

229 Spinal Breathing in Inner Space  (Audio)

            229.1 - Brahmari (Bee Sound) Pranayama  (Audio)

230 Crown and Third Eye  (Audio)

            230.1 - The Natural Evolution of Crown Experiences  (Audio)

231 Dusty Rooms  (Audio)

232 Meditation and Automatic Yoga (a dialog)  (Audio)

            232.1 - Head Movements in Deep Meditation  (Audio)

            232.2 - Distracting Automatic Movements during Deep Meditation  (Audio)

233 Yoga and Religious Beliefs  (Audio)

234 Inner Wisdom Shining Through  (Audio)

235 Blending Inner Silence and Ecstasy  (Audio)

            235.1 - Whole Body is Buzzing  (Audio)

236-238 - (Not Used)

239 Spinal Breathing Pranayama (Enhancements) and Asanas  (Audio)

            239.1 - Clarifications and Enhancements for Spinal Breathing  (Audio)

            239.2 - Spinal Breathing: Undertaking Full Yogic Breathing too Soon  (Audio)

            239.3 - Clarification on Ujjayi in Spinal Breathing Pranayama  (Audio)

            239.4 - Deep Breathing Versus Full Yogic Breathing  (Audio)

            239.5 - Can I do Spinal Breathing Pranayama Lying Down?  (Audio)

240 Regarding One's Highest Ideal  (Audio)

241 Smoothing Out Pranayama  (Audio)

242 (Omitted)

243 Meditation and Powers (Siddhis)  (Audio)

            243.1 - Research on the Samyama Sutras of Patanjali  (Audio)

244 Going for a Smooth Start in Meditation and Pranayama  (Audio)

245 (Omitted)

246 Intelligence, Bhakti and Genius  (Audio)

247 Nausea  (Audio)

248 Culture, Samadhi and Snow  (Audio)

249 (Omitted)

250 Balancing Practices with Advancing Experiences  (Audio)

            250.1 - Sudden Samadhi  (Audio)

            250.2 - Sleep and "Sleep Techniques"  (Audio)

            250.3 - Overdoing AYP and then Going on a Vipassana Retreat?  (Audio)

            250.4 - How to Increase Meditation Time Effectively and Safely  (Audio)

            250.5 - Overdoing Practices Leading to Sleep Deprivation  (Audio)

251 Visions and Nodding off in Meditation  (Audio)

252 Self-Pacing, Surrender and Enlightenment  (Audio)

            252.1 - Surrender, Fear and Self-Pacing  (Audio)

253 Spiritual Study and the Rise of Yoga in the West  (Audio)

            253.1 - Aldous Huxley and Alan Watts  (Audio)

254 The One is the Many and the Many are the One  (Audio)

255 Everyone Can Teach Yoga  (Audio)

256 Yoga for Our Children  (Audio)

            256.1 - On Spiritual Sensitivity in Our Children  (Audio)

            256.2 - Adenoid Removal in Children and Later Effect on Kechari  (Audio)

257 (Omitted)

258 Divine Ecstasy - Is That All There Is?  (Audio)

259 Fear and Enlightenment  (Audio)

            259.1 - Fear, AYP and Counseling  (Audio)

             259.2 - Fear of a Health Crisis  (Audio)

             259.3 - Yoga and Fear During a World Crisis. What to do?  (Audio)

             259.4 - Is Kundalini Going to Ruin My Life?  (Audio)

             259.5 - Health Symptoms or Kundalini Symptoms?  (Audio)

260 The Difference Between Enlightenment and Perfection  (Audio)

261 Kundalini Surge  (Audio)

            261.1 - A Case of Premature Kundalini Awakening  (Audio)

262 Beyond the Cycle of Birth and Death  (Audio)

            262.1 - Seeing the Light and Reincarnation  (Audio)

263 The Secret of Yogic Concentration  (Audio)

264 Astral Projection  (Audio)

265 (Omitted)

266 Harvesting the Best from India  (Audio)

            266.1 - India: Distortions and Truths  (Audio)

267 About the Word "Hindu"  (Audio)

268 (Omitted)

269 Leapfrogging to Samyama - Moving Inner Silence Outward  (Audio)

270 (Omitted)

271 Kechari Story - From Tongue-Tied to the Yoga Super-Highway  (Audio)

272 Addiction, Abusive Conduct, Tough Love and Yoga  (Audio)

273 Importance of Cultivating Inner Silence  (Audio)

           273.1 - The Difference between AYP Yoga and Kriya Yoga  (Audio)

274 What's the End Game in Yoga?  (Audio)

275 Navi Kriya - The Middle Way  (Audio)

           275.1 - Role of the Navel Chakra in Yoga vs. Other Systems  (Audio)

           275.2 - Videos: Navi Kriya (seated and standing)  (Audio)

           275.3 - Videos: Navi Kriya (fish and camel)

276 Granthis - The Three Knots  (Audio)

277 Crown, Ajna and Spiritual Intuition  (Audio)

278 (Not Used)

279 (Omitted)

280 Kundalini Reminders  (Audio)

           280.1 - Kundalini: Cold Body, Twitching, etc...  (Audio)

           280.2 - Concern about Kundalini Jerks and Twitches  (Audio)

281 Yoni Chin Pump - Leveraging Two Practices  (Audio)

282 Bhakti, Deep Meditation and on Becoming the Mantra  (Audio)

283 Is Enlightenment an Illusion?  (Audio)

284 Ecstatic Energy in Higher Stages of Kechari  (Audio)

            284.1 - "Completion" of Kechari Mudra  (Audio)

            284.2 - Is it OK to do Kechari Mudra all Day?  (Audio)

            284.3 - Sharings on Kechari (Khechari) with a Long Term Tibetan Buddhism Practitioner  (Audio)

            284.4 - For Advanced Practitioners, Less Kechari Can Become More  (Audio)

285 Balancing Asanas with Deep Meditation  (Audio)

286 Yogic Dying  (Audio)

            286.1 - Can Karma be Eliminated Before Death?  (Audio)

            286.2 - Teaching Yoga in a Hospice Environment  (Audio)

287 Crown Strategy and Kundalini  (Audio)

288 Yoni Spinal Breathing - Balancing Energy in the Head  (Audio)

289-296 (Not Used)

297 Is an Awakened Kundalini the Same as Enlightenment?  (Audio)

            297.1 - Yogani's Kundalini Experience?  (Audio)

           297.2 - Life Stories - Yogani's and Yours  (Audio)

           297.3 - Shiva and Shakti in Relation to Priorities in Yoga Practice  (Audio)

           297.4 - Are Kundalini and Shakti the Same Thing?  (Audio)

298 Deep Meditation, Purification and Karma  (Audio)

299 Cosmic Samyama - Advanced Yoga Nidra  (Audio)

           299.1 - Breath Suspension Occurring During Cosmic Samyama  (Audio)

300 Samyama and Yoga Postures (Asanas - Illustrated)  (Audio)

301 Prayer and the Principles of Samyama  (Audio)

            301.1 - Pranic/Energy Healing and AYP  (Audio)

302 The Far-Reaching Consequences of Samyama  (Audio)

            302.1 - Caution on Using the Samyama Sutras of Patanjali  (Audio)

            302.2 - Samyama and a Taste of Unity  (Audio)

303 Siddhis - Super-Normal Powers  (Audio)

            303.1 - The Greatest Siddhis  (Audio)

            303.2 - Are Siddhis/Powers a Valid Reason for Meditating?  (Audio)

            303.3 - How to Harness Our Spiritual Gifts  (Audio)

            303.4 - Can Powers through Stand-Alone Samyama Practice bring Enlightenment?  (Audio)

304 Diet, Kundalini, and the Nectar Cycle  (Audio)

            304.1 - Balancing Kundalini with Ayurveda Diet (Charts Included)  (Audio)

            304.2 - Icy Sweetness in the Heart  (Audio)

            304.3 - Discoloration of the Skin with Secretions of Oily Ojas and Vibhuti (Holy Ash)  (Audio)

            304.4 - Accumulation of Air in the Center  (Audio)

305 Must We Become Vegetarians?  (Audio)

306 Vitamins, Supplements and Herbal Remedies  (Audio)

            306.1 - Are Herbal Supplements Essential for Spiritual Development?  (Audio)

307 Hallucinogens and Yoga  (Audio)

            307.1 - Dialog on Ayahuasca, Yoga, Dissociation and Fear  (Audio)

            307.2 - Can Hallucinogens Help Health and Yoga?  (Audio)

            307.3 - Getting Together with Old Friends Who Still Do Drugs  (Audio)

308 Addictions and Flights of Fancy  (Audio)

            308.1 - 12 Step Paths vs. AYP for Addictions  (Audio)

309 Yoga, Overcoming Hunger, and Weight Control  (Audio)

            309.1 - Obesity and Yoga  (Audio)

310 Fasting - A Powerful Spiritual Practice  (Audio)

           310.1 - Why are AYP Fasting Instructions so Varied?  (Audio)

311 Inner Silence, Eating Habits and Mind-Body-Spirit Connection  (Audio)

312 Shatkarmas, Bodily Purification and Enlightenment  (Audio)

313 Cleansing of Mouth, Nasal Passages and Sinuses  (Audio)

314 Colon Cleansing  (Audio)

315 Intestinal Wash  (Audio)

316 More Shatkarmas and Overall Guidelines  (Audio)

            316.1 - Video: Kapalbhati  (Audio)

317 Eleven Key Questions on Samyama  (Audio)

            317.1 - Loss of Stillness During Samyama  (Audio)

            317.2 - Releasing Interpreted Meanings or Energies versus Releasing Sutras in Samyama Practice  (Audio)

            317.3 - Random Experiments Using Mantras and Invocations in Samyama  (Audio)

318 Is the Witness the Same as Enlightenment?  (Audio)

319 Amaroli - Urine Therapy  (Audio)

            319.1 - Improving the Taste of Amaroli  (Audio)

            319.2 - Too Much Amaroli  (Audio)

320 Kundalini and Refined Sensory Perception  (Audio)

321 An Inquiry about Ending Suffering  (Audio)

            321.1 - Parkinson's Disease, the Witness and Self-Inquiry  (Audio)

322 The Witness as Underlying Cause of Self-Inquiry  (Audio)

323 Roles of Knowledge, Philosophy and Direct Experience  (Audio)

            323.1 - Is the Study of Philosophy a Form of Self-Inquiry?  (Audio)

            323.2 - Drug Experiences and Non-Relational Self-Inquiry  (Audio)

324 Self-Inquiry - From Inspiration to Realization  (Audio)

325 Relational and Non-Relational Self-Inquiry  (Audio)

            325.1 - Cultivating Relational Self-Inquiry in Everyday Living  (Audio)

            325.2 - How Deep Meditation and Samyama Promote Relational Self-Inquiry  (Audio)

            325.3 - The Dangers of Persistent Non-Relational Self-Inquiry  (Audio)

326 Styles of Self-Inquiry and Bridging the Gap  (Audio)

            326.1 - Self-Inquiry During Deep Meditation?  (Audio)

            326.2 - The Fulfillment of Affirmations in Stillness  (Audio)

327 The Evolutionary Stages of Mind  (Audio)

            327.1 - The Rose of Enlightenment is Still a Rose by Any Other Name  (Audio)

            327.2 - A Dialog on the Dissociation Effect of "I am THAT"  (Audio)

            327.3 - Moving Beyond the Spiritual Dissociation Stage  (Audio)

            327.4 - The Rise of Passionate Dispassion  (Audio)

            327.5 - Navigating through a Period of Evolutionary Spiritual  (Audio) Dissociation

328 On Becoming "Ripe"  (Audio)

329 Pitfalls of the Mind  (Audio)

            329.1 - Stop Meditating when there is Some Abiding Inner Silence?  (Audio)

            329.2 - Can the Mind Understand Ignorance?  (Audio)

            329.3 - Practices After Awakening?  (Audio)

            329.4 - A Revelation on the Importance of Regular Practice  (Audio)

330 Self-Inquiry and the Limbs of Yoga  (Audio)

331 Non-Duality and Ecstatic Kundalini  (Audio)

          331.1 - The Witness, Self-Inquiry and Kundalini  (Audio)

332 Darshan, Shaktipat and the Global Web of Awakening  (Audio)

          332.1 - What is Initiation?  (Audio)

333 Dissolving the Witness in Unity  (Audio)

           333.1 - Is the Witness a Retreat from Life?  (Audio)

           333.2 - The Mystery of Awareness  (Audio)

334 Advaita (non-duality), Free Will and Karma  (Audio)

335 The Role of Desire in Self-Inquiry  (Audio)

336 A Confirmation of Unity  (Audio)

           336.1 - The True Nature of Existence, Life and Death  (Audio)

           336.2 - The Grasping Mind and the Bumpy Road into Unity  (Audio)

337 Dare to Dream  (Audio)

338 Bhakti - You are the Doorway  (Audio)

339 Your Chosen Ideal  (Audio)

340 Transforming Emotional Energy for Enlightenment  (Audio)

          340.1 - Appreciation and Bhakti  (Audio)

          340.2 - Frustrated with Perceived Lack of Progress  (Audio)

          340.3 - How to Handle a Plateau in Perceived Spiritual Progress  (Audio)

341 Bhakti and Self-Pacing  (Audio)

          341.1 - Ruthless Bhakti  (Audio)

342 Bhakti and Your Yoga Practices  (Audio)

343 What is Karma?  (Audio)

344 Transcending Karma and Putting It to Good Use  (Audio)

           344.1 - The Practical Aspects of Transcending Karma  (Audio)

           344.2 - Karma and the 2020 Pandemic  (Audio)

345 The Spiritual Evolution of Action  (Audio)

           345.1 - Ken Wilber and Karma Yoga  (Audio)

346 Mapping the Transformation of Action  (Audio)

347 The Role of Service  (Audio)

           347.1 - We the Householders  (Audio)

   347.2 - Service Versus Telling Others What To Do  (Audio)

348 A Journey from Here to Here  (Audio)

           348.1 - Overcoming Attachment to Spiritual Experiences  (Audio)

349 The Convergence of Bhakti and Self-Inquiry  (Audio)

350 Practices for Moving Beyond the Witness Stage  (Audio)

   350.1 - The Witness in Relation to Self-Inquiry  (Audio)

351 Adding Self-Inquiry to Core Samyama Practice  (Audio)

            351.1 - Self-Inquiry Sutra: Variations and Importance of Habit  (Audio)

            351.2 - Ramana Maharshi and the Samyama Self-Inquiry Sutra  (Audio)

            351.3 - Clarification on the "I-thought" in the Self-Inquiry Sutra  (Audio)

352 Instant versus Gradual Enlightenment - How to Boil a Frog  (Audio)

353 Alternate Sutra for Self-Inquiry Samyama  (Audio)

354 Is Mind the Enemy?  (Audio)

355 Deep Meditation Reminders  (Audio)

            355.1 - Recognizing the Witness  (Audio)

            355.2 - How to Handle the "Monkey Mind" in Deep Meditation  (Audio)

356 How to Recognize Relational Self-Inquiry  (Audio)

            356.1 - Wild Emotions and Relational Self-Inquiry  (Audio)

357 Who is the Perceiver?  (Audio)

            357.1 - "Why Am I?"  (Audio)

358 Can I Trust the Mantra?  (Audio)

359 Pratyahara - The Forgotten Limb of Yoga?  (Audio)

360 Acts of Surrender  (Audio)

361 Ramana Maharshi and AYP  (Audio)

362 Ideological Jnana Yoga (Advaita-Vedanta)  (Audio)

363 Liberation of the One is Liberation of the Whole  (Audio)

364 Each Practice in Its Own Time  (Audio)

365 The Range of Sensitivities to Deep Meditation  (Audio)

            365.1 - Rising World Consciousness and Sensitivity to Practices  (Audio)

            365.2 - Rising Spiritual Sensitivity Worldwide - How to Manage It  (Audio)

            365.3 - Implications of the Accelerating Rise in World Consciousness  (Audio)

            365.4 - Dialog on Distribution of Sensitivities in a Large AYP Group  (Audio)

            365.5 - What is Spiritual Energy Sensitivity?  (Audio)

366 Suggestions for Under-Sensitive Meditators  (Audio)

            366.1 - Plateaus in Experience versus Under-Sensitivity to Practices  (Audio)

367 Suggestions for Over-Sensitive Meditators  (Audio)

            367.1 - Using Nadi Shodana when Sensitive to Spinal Breathing  (Audio)

            367.2 - For Sensitivity, Meditating Once Per Day?  (Audio)

            367.3 - Follow-up on Breath Meditation  (Audio)

            367.4 - Passive Awareness Technique for Very Sensitive Meditators  (Audio)

            367.5 - Meditation: Good Results, but with Sensitivity  (Audio)

    367.6 - Sensitivity vs. Progress with Different Styles of Meditation  (Audio)

            367.7 - Restarting Practices after Discontinuing Due to Overload  (Audio)

            367.8 - Breath Meditation Slowing Overload Down. Now what?  (Audio)

            367.9 - Self-Pacing with Fewer Meditation Sessions per Day or Week  (Audio)

            367.10 - A Case of Well-Managed Over-Sensitivity to Deep Meditation with Mantra  (Audio)

            367.11 - For Sensitive Meditators: When to Switch from Mantra to Breath as Object  (Audio)

            367.12 - A Case of Sensitivity  (Audio)

368 The Solar Centering Enhancement  (Audio)

            368.1 - Solar Centering and Sensitivity to Meditation  (Audio)

            368.2 - Solar Centering with Breath Meditation  (Audio)

            368.3 - "Clunky Stage" with the Solar Centering Enhancement  (Audio)

            368.4 - "Feeling" the Solar Center  (Audio)

369 Alternate Approach to Mantra Enhancements  (Audio)

            369.1 - Going Beyond the Third Mantra Enhancement  (Audio)

            369.2 - Does OM in an AYP Mantra Enhancement Lead to Dissociation and Withdrawal?  (Audio)

370 Clarifications on the Solar Centering Enhancement  (Audio)

            370.1 - Solar Centering and Heart Opening  (Audio)

            370.2 - Is the Solar Centering Enhancement for Everyone?  (Audio)

371 Self-Directed Mantra Enhancement Strategy  (Audio)

372 Witnessing versus Focused Attention to Dissolve Obstructions  (Audio)

373 Fear as a Cause of Under-Sensitivity to Deep Meditation  (Audio)

374 Samyama and Solar Centering  (Audio)

375 Out of Our Heads  (Audio)

376 Beyond Death  (Audio)

            376.1 - On Pain, Suffering, Death and Suicide  (Audio)

            376.2 - Transcending the Body/Mind and then Putting It to Good Use  (Audio)

377 Inner Sound During Meditation  (Audio)

    377.1 - Deep Meditation as Cause of Nada (Divine Sound)  (Audio)

    377.2 - Inner Hum - Is it OM or Tinnitus?  (Audio)

    377.3 - Tinnitus and Self-Pacing of Practices  (Audio)

378 How Does Pranayama Awaken Kundalini?  (Audio)

            378.1 - The Biochemistry of Prana, and Beyond...  (Audio)

            378.2 - Natural vs. Intentional Kumbhaka (Breath Retention)  (Audio)

            378.3 - The Breathless State  (Audio)

            378.4 - Kumbhaka: The Finer Points of Exhalation and Inhalation  (Audio)

379 Swallowing Air  (Audio)

            379.1 - Air Accumulating in the Belly  (Audio)

380 Catching the Attaching  (Audio)

381 Ida, Pingala and Kundalini Awakening  (Audio)

           381.1 - Gopi Krishna and Unbalanced Kundalini Awakenings  (Audio)

382 Is Ecstasy a Prerequisite for Enlightenment?  (Audio)

383 Yoga Asanas - Traditional or Modern?  (Audio)

            383.1 - Enhanced AYP Asana Routine (Illustrated)  (Audio)

            383.2 - Maha Mudra  (Audio)

            383.3 - Rationale behind AYP Asana Sets  (Audio)

            383.4 - Video: Enhanced AYP Asana Routine  (Audio)

            383.5 - About Sirsasana (headstand) and its Risks  (Audio)

            383.6 - Hot Yoga, Cold Yoga, and Real Yoga  (Audio)

384 Baseline Systems of Practice and Research on Modifications  (Audio)

            384.1 - Regarding Add-Ons to AYP, and the Relationship between AYP and Kriya Yoga  (Audio)

            384.2 - Modifications and Self-Pacing for the AYP Baseline System  (Audio) 

            384.3 - Teaching Modifications to the AYP Techniques is not AYP  (Audio) 

            384.4 - Mixing AYP Techniques with Present Moment Awareness Inquiry Method  (Audio) 

385 Review on Building a Baseline Practice Routine  (Audio)

            385.1 - Practice Chart and Discussion on Building a Daily Routine  (Audio)

            385.2 - Look for Results in Daily Life  (Audio)

    385.3 - Which Practice Chart to Use, AYP or Secrets of Wilder?  (Audio)

    385.4 - Arrangement of Energy Practices and Prayers in the Routine  (Audio)

    385.5 - AYP System Design: An Engineer's Point of View  (Audio)

    385.6 - On Mantra: The Difference Between "I AM" and "i am" in the Secrets of Wilder  (Audio)

386 Group Practice  (Audio)

387 Retreats  (Audio)

            387.1 - To Go on Retreat or Not. Inner Voices?  (Audio)

            387.2 - Sensitivity to Meditation and Going on Retreat  (Audio)

            387.3 - Solo Retreats  (Audio)

388 Our Role as Teachers  (Audio)

            388.1 - Balancing Our Spiritual Sharing with the Life We are Living  (Audio)

            388.2 - Challenges, Openings, and whether to Teach?  (Audio)

            388.3 - Financial Responsibilities and Teaching Yoga  (Audio)

            388.4 - The Emergence of Humility in our Teaching and Service  (Audio)

            388.5 - Suggestions on the Student-Teacher Relationship  (Audio)

            388.6 - Video: AYP Teacher Training Course Experience  (Audio)

            388.7 - Suggestions on Teaching Students in Pregnancy, for Home Practice and in Retreat Mode  (Audio)

389 Why Won't You be My Guru?  (Audio)

390 When Will I be Enlightened?  (Audio)

391 Changes in Bhakti from Dual to Non-Dual  (Audio)

            391.1 - Bhakti, Refining Perception and Non-Duality  (Audio)

392 The Aloneness of Enlightenment  (Audio)

            392.1 - A Dialog on Rising Unity  (Audio)

            392.2 - Something in Nothing  (Audio)

393 On Self-Defense and Forgiveness  (Audio)

            393.1 - Samyama and Self-Defense  (Audio)

            393.2 - Employing Kundalini in Martial Arts  (Audio)

394 Satsang - The Importance of Spiritual Community  (Audio)

395 The Power of the Pen, and the Keyboard  (Audio)

            395.1 - On Writing: Sobbing While Journaling  (Audio)

396 Do Online Forums Inhibit Spiritual Progress?  (Audio)

397 Deep Meditation and Analysis Paralysis  (Audio)

            397.1 - Hanging on to Experiences During Deep Meditation  (Audio)

            397.2 - The Pros and Cons of Discussing Spiritual Experiences  (Audio)

            397.3 - Can Sharing Experiences Hurt Spiritual Progress?  (Audio)

398 Is Self-Inquiry Necessary for Enlightenment?  (Audio)

            398.1 - Is it Necessary to Do Structured Self-Inquiry?  (Audio)

            398.2 - Reconciling Non-Dual Self-Inquiry with Engaging in the World  (Audio)

399 Mind - Faster than the Speed of Light  (Audio)

            399.1 - Is the Physical Universe Infinite?  (Audio)

400 Theory and Practice  (Audio)

            400.1 - Science Under the Hood: Is Prana a Light Wave?  (Audio)

401 Mulabandha and Full Yogic (belly) Breathing  (Audio)

402 About that word "Advanced"  (Audio)

403 The Question with No Answer  (Audio)

            403.1 - More Questions with No Answer  (Audio)

            403.2 - In the World but Not of the World  (Audio)

404 On Jumping to the Third Mantra Enhancement  (Audio)

405 The Uncertainty of Life  (Audio)

406 Kundalini Conundrum  (Audio)

407 Pranayama for Relaxation or for Kundalini Awakening?  (Audio)

408 Samyama, Elbow Grease and Non-Duality  (Audio)

409 Asanas (Postures) and Premature Kundalini Awakening  (Audio)

410 Early Signs of Kundalini Awakening  (Audio)

411 Less is More  (Audio)

           411.1 - Is There More?  (Audio)

412 Will Kechari Mudra Practice Deform the Soft Palate?  (Audio)

413 Is Enlightenment No-Thing or All-Things?  (Audio)

            413.1 - Describing the Elephant of Enlightenment  (Audio)

414 Off to a Good Start with Meditation, but...  (Audio)

            414.1 - Off to a Good Start with a Lot of AYP Practices, but...  (Audio)

            414.2 - Signs of Overdoing After One Year of AYP  (Audio)

415 Samyama and Prayer for Dissolving Global Problems  (Audio)

            415.1 - Curing a Pandemic with Yoga?  (Audio)

416 From Third Eye to Sixth Sense, and Beyond  (Audio)

           416.1 - Inner Seeing and the Secrets of Wilder  (Audio)

           416.2 - "Dimensional" Spiritual Experiences Versus Enlightenment  (Audio)

           416.3 - How to Serve Beings in the Subtle Realms (Audio)

417 Automatic Yoga Revisited  (Audio)

418 Gurus, Teachers and Self-Sufficiency  (Audio)

            418.1 - AYP Unstructured vs. Structured (certified) Teaching  (Audio)

            418.2 - Practitioner Self-Sufficiency vs. Running in Circles  (Audio)

419 Where's the Shaktipat Coming From?  (Audio)

420 The Doctor Is In  (Audio)

            420.1 - Can More AYP Practice plus Anti-Depressants Reduce Stress?  (Audio)

421 Spirits and Spirit Guides  (Audio)

            421.1 - Inner Silence and Spirit Guides  (Audio)

            421.2 - Moving Beyond Those Not-So-Kind Guides  (Audio)

            421.3 - Entity Attack or Excessive Kundalini?  (Audio)

            421.4 - "Spirit Guides" are Driving Me Crazy!  (Audio)

            421.5 - Struggling with an Entity after Ayahuasca?  (Audio)

422 Curing Kundalini Excesses  (Audio)

423 Why So Much Fuss about What is So Simple?  (Audio)

424 After the Ecstasy  (Audio)

425 Urgent Bhakti and Overdoing  (Audio)

            425.1 - Bhakti, Kundalini and Self-Pacing  (Audio)

            425.2 - A Dialog on Self-Pacing  (Audio)

426 Enlightenment Time Line  (Audio)

            426.1 - Enlightenment Bar Chart  (Audio)

    426.2 - Assigning Enlightenment Status  (Audio)

427 Taking the Leap to Direct Experience  (Audio)

428 The Transformation of Ego  (Audio)

           428.1 - Dialog on "the Ego"  (Audio)

           428.2 - Where is the Boundary Between Ego and Spirit?  (Audio)

           428.3 - Sudden vs. Gradual Spiritual Awakening  (Audio)

           428.4 - Ego: Friend or Foe?  (Audio)

429 We Can Do This  (Audio)

           429.1 - The Trials and Tribulations of Spiritual R&D  (Audio)

430 Freedom  (Audio)

            430.1 - Ripeness and the Realization of Non-Duality in Daily Life  (Audio)

            430.2 - You Are The Light of the World  (Audio)

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