Advanced Yoga Practices Plus
Yoga and Spiritual Book List
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The AYP list of nearly 500 yoga, spiritual, and related books is discussed in Lesson #253.
The books are divided into fifteen categories: 1-Yoga/Tantra/Advaita-Vedanta,
, 3-Taoism
4-Theosophy, 5-Judeo/Christian,
6-Western Mystics/Teachers
, 7-Islam/Sufism, 8-Shamanism,
9-Channeled Teachings
, 10-Biographies, 11-Inspiring Stories, 12-Health,
, 14-Death/Reincarnation, and 15-Other Related Books.


Foundation of Inner Peace -- A Course in Miracles -- 1975 -- The channeled writings of Helen Schucman, believed by many to be teachings from Jesus Christ, which has become a significant spiritual movement in the West, focused on the importance of finding the Inner Teacher. 
Lazaris -- Lazaris The Sacred Journey: You and Your Higher Self -- 1988 -- Channeled through Jach Pursel, Lazaris offers friendship, love and practical tools and techniques for the journey home in spirit.
Roberts, Jane -- Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul -- 1994 -- Lessons on life and death from a disembodied soul.
Rodegast, Pat -- Emmanuel's Book - A manual for Living Comfortably in the Cosmos -- 1985 -- Channeled spirit "Emmanuel" gives practical advice on God, love, the path, realms of spirit, evil, fear, evolution, karma, sex, family, illness, death, and more.
St. Germain, channeled by Guy Ballard (aka Godfre Ray King) -- The I Am Discourses, Volume 3, 2nd Edition -- 1999 -- Most popular volume in the early 20th century series of channeled teachings coming from "ascended masters."
Sugrue, Thomas -- There is a River -- 1942 -- The story of Edgar Cayce, America's "sleeping prophet" and psychic healer.
Urantia Foundation -- The Urantia Book -- 1955 -- A popular channeled teaching on the cosmology of the universe, evolution, and the destiny of humankind.
Williamson, Marianne -- A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of "A Course in Miracles" -- 1996 -- On applying the principles in "A Course in Miracles."

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