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Yoga and Spiritual Book List
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The AYP list of nearly 500 yoga, spiritual, and related books is discussed in Lesson #253.
The books are divided into fifteen categories: 1-Yoga/Tantra/Advaita-Vedanta,
, 3-Taoism
4-Theosophy, 5-Judeo/Christian,
6-Western Mystics/Teachers
, 7-Islam/Sufism, 8-Shamanism,
9-Channeled Teachings
, 10-Biographies, 11-Inspiring Stories, 12-Health,
, 14-Death/Reincarnation, and 15-Other Related Books.


Bach, Richard -- Jonathan Livingston Seagull -- 1973 -- A great little tale about spiritual vision, commitment, practice, attainment, and sharing the gift.
Bach, Richard -- Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah -- 1977 -- On flying and spirituality, two of the author's great loves.
Brunton, Paul -- A Search in Secret India --  1934 -- The 1935 classic that introduced Ramana Maharshi and yoga to a large audience the West, influencing millions.
Campbell, Joseph -- Hero with a Thousand Faces -- 1949 -- The classic work on the hero's journey - the blueprint found in the stories and myths of every culture throughout history. Campbell reveals our universal need for a vision of our journey to the Truth. In our stories, it is always a journey of awakening,  either literally or through metaphor.
Campbell, Joseph -- The Inner Reaches of Outer Space -- 1986 -- Campbell's last book, viewing the exploration of outer space in the technological age as an inner journey. He points to the obvious need in modern society for an inner purpose, and to the need for a new mythology that will give us purpose as we race head-long into the 21st century.
Campbell, Joseph -- Thou Art That -- 2001 -- A post-humous compilation of writings, looking at the Judeo-Christian tradition through the eyes of the great Joseph Campbell.
Campbell, Joseph with Bill Moyers -- The Power Myth -- 1988 -- The popular television series - Conversations between Campbell and Moyers. The book is good -- the DVD is better.
Coelho, Paulo-- The Alchemist
-- 1988 -- A fable about a shepherd boy who seeks and finds his treasure.
Fagles, Homer and Knox
-- The Odyssey -- 1999 -- Homer's classic Greek story of the epic journey homeward of the famous hero, Odysseus.
Gibran, Kahlil -- The Madman -- 1918 -- The great Lebanese poet in his youth - an unbridled expression of a passionate inner life.
Gibran, Kahlil -- The Prophet -- 1923 -- The most famous and widely read of great Lebanese poet's books, and for good reason.
Gibran, Kahlil -- Sand and Foam -- 1926 -- Short verses of revelation from the great poet.
Gibran, Kahlil -- Secrets of the Heart -- 1931 -- Stories on society and religion.
Gibran, Kahlil -- Voice of the Master -- 1958 -- On faith, love, marriage, equality, reason, knowledge, and the divinity of man. Compiled after his death.
Gibran, Kahlil -- Spiritual Sayings -- 1962 -- Inspirational quotes and essays complied after his death.
Hesse, Herman -- Siddhartha -- 1951 -- A classic novel - the story of a soul's search for truth in the time of Buddha.
Huxley, Aldous -- Doors of Perception -- 1954 -- The famous book of spiritual revelation inspired by an experiment with hallucinogenics.
Maugham,  Somerset -- The Razor's Edge -- 1944 -- A popular novel about a young American man's search for enlightenment in the 1920s and 1930s.
McKenna, Jed -- Spiritual Enlightenment, the Damnedest Thing: Book One of the Enlightenment Trilogy -- 2002-2011 -- A multi-book series on the non-dual approach to enlightenment, in a fictional story format.
Millman, Dan -- Way of the Peaceful Warrior -- 1980 -- An entertaining account of a young man's personal journey into the realms of spirit.
Pirsig, Robert -- Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance -- 1974 -- A story about a motorcycle trip, full of questions and answers about science, religion and humanism.
Quinn, Daniel -- Ishmael: An Adventure of the Mind and Spirit -- 1992 -- A telepathic gorilla teaches a seeking man about the far-reaching errors of humanity in disharmony with divine evolution, leading to its own extinction, and how to correct them.
Redfield, James -- The Celestine Prophecy -- 1993 -- A popular adventure novel about the discovery of nine key insights that lead to the rise of a spiritual culture on Earth.
Sharma, Robin -- The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari: A Fable about Fufilling Your Dreams and Reaching your Destiny
 -- 1999.
Spalding, Baird T
-- Life and Teaching Of the Masters of the Far East (6 volumes) -- 1924 -- The marvelous story of the author's encounters with enlightened yogis in the Far East. Some of the events challenge the imagination of what is real, but it is great inspiration anyway.
Yogani -- The Secrets of Wilder - A Story of Inner Silence, Ecstasy and Enlightenment -- 2005 -- The story of a young man uncovering the planet's most powerful (and real) spiritual practices. This novel, the first book written by Yogani (though not published first), played a significant role in inspiring the extensive Advanced Yoga Practices (AYP) instructional writings that followed.

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