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The AYP list of nearly 500 yoga, spiritual, and related books is discussed in Lesson #253.
The books are divided into fifteen categories: 1-Yoga/Tantra/Advaita-Vedanta,
, 3-Taoism
4-Theosophy, 5-Judeo/Christian,
6-Western Mystics/Teachers
, 7-Islam/Sufism, 8-Shamanism,
9-Channeled Teachings
, 10-Biographies, 11-Inspiring Stories, 12-Health,
, 14-Death/Reincarnation, and 15-Other Related Books.


Adams Robert -- Silence of the Heart -- 1997 -- Talks with an American self-realized master, who was also a disciple of Ramana Maharshi.
Adyashanti -- The Impact of Awakening -- 2000 -- A collection of satsang dialogues from a young Zen spirtual master.
Adyashanti -- My Secret is Silence -- 2003 -- Poems and journal entries reflecting Adyashanti's teachings on non-dual enlightenment.
Adyashanti -- Emptiness Dancing -- 2004 -- A broad range of satsang talks with the California Zen master.

Adyashanti -- The End of Your world -- 2010 -- Practical information on the experiences and challenges of middle and end stage enlightenment.
Adyashanti -- The Way of Liberation - A Practical Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment -- 2012 -- A concise summary of the author's teachings, and a call to form study groups.

Buber, Martin
-- Ecstatic Confessions - The Heart of Mysticism -- 1909 -- Classic work on testimonies of mystics throughout the centuries expressing their encounters with the inner divine. Includes ecstatic accounts from Pagan, Gnostic, Eastern Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Taoist and other sources.
Da Free John (Adi Da) -- Knee of Listening -- 1972 -- Spiritual autobiography of Da Free John/Adi Da (Franklin Jones), the controversial American spiritual master.
Da Free John (Adi Da) -- Methods of the Siddhas -- 1973 -- Early talks with Da Free John (Franklin Jones), the controversial American spiritual master.
Da Free John (Adi Da) -- Compulsory Dancing -- 1979 -- Talks and essays on the "spiritual and evolutionary necessity of emotional surrender to the Life-Principle."
Da Free John (Adi Da) -- The Four Fundamental Questions -- 1980 -- Talks and essays about human experience and the practice of an enlightened way of life.
Da Free John (Adi Da) -- Crazy Da Must Sing, Inclined to his Weaker Side -- 1982 --  The American spiritual misfit shares his "confessional poems of liberation and love."
Da Free John (Adi Da) -- The God in Every Body Book -- 1983 -- Talks and essays on God realization.
Da Free John -- Easy Death -- 1983 -- On the "transcendence of death and everything else."
Da Free John (Adi Da) -- Dawn Horse Testament -- 1985 -- The misfit guru's somewhat self-indulgent testament to the "crazy wisdom" he expounds.
Da Free John (Adi Da) -- Love-Ananda Gita -- 1986 -- A summary of "radical advaitayana Buddhism."
de Leeuw, GertJan -- God The Architect -- 2010 --
A devotional spiritual work, which discusses God, religion, devotional meditation, Vedic astrology, western science, western society, the limitations of logic and reason and the esoteric and occult paradigms.
Eckhart, Meister by Colledge and McGinn -- Meister Eckhart: The Essential Sermons, Commentaries, Treatises and Defense -- 1982 -- The writings and philosophy of the great 14th century western mystic.

Eckhart, Meister
-- Meister Eckhart - From Whom God Hid Nothing -- 1996 -- Sermons, wrings and sayings from the great medieval Christian mystic.

Emerson, Ralph Waldo -- Emerson's Essays -- 1841 -- Emerson was a student of early translations of the Bhagavad Gita and Upanishads. One of the first Western thinkers to write of universal consciousness (the "oversoul") and spiritual laws inherent within humankind, viewing the world from the inside. A precursor to the rise of yoga in the West.
Katie, Byron (with Stephen Mitchell) -- Loving What Is -- 2002 -- A practical guide for using self-inquiry (processing four simple questions, which she calls "the work") to achieve real happiness in daily living.
Katie, Byron -- I Need Your Love - Is That True?  -- 2005 -- Using "The Work" to stop seeking love, approval and appreciation, and start finding them instead.
Katie, Byron (with Stephen Mitchell) -- A Thousand Names for Joy  -- 2007 -- Stories from the author's life, demonstrating "The Work" in action.
Kavanaugh and Rodriguez -- Collected Works of St. John of the Cross -- 1963 -- The amazing devotional writings of this 16th century monk.
Ouspensky, PD -- Tertium Organum - A Key to the Enigmas of the World -- 1922 -- One of the first books to relate the theory of relativity to consciousness, stating humanity to be on the threshold of a breakthrough to cosmic consciousness. 
Ouspensky, PD -- New Model of the Universe -- 1931 -- Principles of Gurdjieff's psychological method in application to science, religion and art.
Ouspensky, PD -- The Fourth Way -- 1957 -- Ouspensky's lectures on G.I. Gurfjieff's teachings on inner development in ordinary daily life.
Rose, Richard -- The Albigen Papers -- 1973 -- Non-duality, West Virginia style.
Ryan, John K. -- Confessions of St. Augustine -- 1960 -- Spiritual autobiography of the great Christian sage.
Steiner, Rudolf -- Philosophy of Freedom -- 1894 -- Steiner's masterwork on free will, inner development, natural science, and human evolution.
Steiner, Rudolf -- Theosophy -- An Introduction to the Spiritual Processes in Human Life and in the Cosmos -- 1910 -- Steiner's overview of Theosophy, which he used as a basis to form his own philosophy and movement - Anthroposophy.
Steiner, Rudolf -- Knowledge of Higher Worlds and its Attainment -- 1918 -- Covering initiation, training, transformation, and continuity of consciousness.
Steiner, Rudolf -- Outline of Occult Science -- 1922 -- On inner nature of life and evolution of the cosmos and man.
Theresa of Avila/ Peers -- Way of Perfection -- 1964 -- The great St. Theresa of Avila on prayer.
Thoreau, Henry David -- Walden; Or, Life in the Woods (150th Year Anniversary Illustrated Edition) -- 1854 -- The great ecological and philosophical book written after an extensive (and little known by Walden readers) study of the Indian scriptures available in his day. 
Tolle, Eckhart -- The Power of Now -- 1999 --  Popular guide book on living in stillness, non-duality, or "the Now."
Tolle, Eckhart -- Stillness Speaks -- 2003 -- 
Essays and verses designed to bring the reader into stillness.
Tolle, Eckhart -- A New Earth - Awakening to Your Life's Purpose  -- 2005 --  Broadening "The Power of Now" to a global view. In addition to the personal transformational message (always welcome), this is an across-the-board attack on "ego-based" living (maybe not so welcome by some).
Twitchell, Paul -- Tiger's Fang -- 1967 -- The first book on Eckankar, recording Twitchell's time and experiences with a Tibetan adept.
Twitchell, Paul -- Eckankar - The Key to Secret Worlds -- 1969 -- Principles and practices of soul travel as a path to God.
Twitchell, Paul -- Flute of God -- 1969 -- The fundamental philosophy of Eckankar.
Twitchell, Paul -- Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, Book 1 -- 1970 -- The first of twelve volumes of an ancient Tibetan scripture on Eckankar - the science of soul travel.
Twitchell, Paul -- The Far Country -- 1970 -- On planes of existence beyond the physical senses.
Twitchell, Paul -- Spiritual Notebook -- 1971 -- Eckankar, the races of humanity, saints and saviors, world religions, soul travel...
Whitman, Walt -- Leaves of Grass -- 1891 -- This is Whitman's ode to a new America in a new style of poetry. He was an avid student of the Bhagavad Gita and other Indian scriptures.
Wild, Henry Douglas -- Shakspeare - Prophet for Our Time -- 1971 -- An analysis of the great playwright's prophetic messages pointing to higher evolution in man.

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