Advanced Yoga Practices Plus
Yoga and Spiritual Book List
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The AYP list of nearly 500 yoga, spiritual, and related books is discussed in Lesson #253.
The books are divided into fifteen categories: 1-Yoga/Tantra/Advaita-Vedanta,
, 3-Taoism
4-Theosophy, 5-Judeo/Christian,
6-Western Mystics/Teachers
, 7-Islam/Sufism, 8-Shamanism,
9-Channeled Teachings
, 10-Biographies, 11-Inspiring Stories, 12-Health,
, 14-Death/Reincarnation, and 15-Other Related Books.


Bayat and Jamnia -- Tales from the Land of the Sufis -- 1994 -- A review of Sufism with writings from  some it's great sages.
Bly, Robert -- Kabir: Ecstatic Poems -- 1976 -- Ecstatic poems of the great Sufi yogi poet of India.
Fadiman and Frager -- Essential Sufism -- 1999 -- A broad-ranging sourcebook on Sufism, containing more than 300 stories, fables, aphorisms, essays and poems from numerous Sufi writers over the past 1500 years.
Fitzgerald, Edward -- Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam -- 1899 -- An early translation of the great Sufi scripture.
Pickthall, Mohammed Marmaduke -- Meaning of the Glorious Koran -- 1980 -- A translation with commentary on the great Muslim scripture.
Rumi/Barks -- Feeling the Shoulder of the Lion -- 1991 -- Rumi's poems and stories on courage, intensity and surrender to the divine.
Rumi/Barks and Moyne -- This Longing --  1988 -- Poetry, stories and letters of Rumi.
Rumi/Harvey -- Love's Fire -- 1988 -- Powerful re-creations of Rumi's spiritual voice.
Rumi/Harvey -- Speaking Flame -- 1989 -- Powerful mystic poems by Rumi.
Rumi/Helminski -- Love is a Stranger -- 1993 -- A collection of some of Rumi's most inspired verses.
Rumi/Moyne and Barks -- Open Secret --  1984 -- Personal quatrains and odes by the great 13th century Sufi Mystic, Rumi.
Rumi/Moyne and Barks -- Unseen Rain -- 1986 -- Ecstatic quatrains of Rumi.
Stoddart, William -- Sufism -- 1976 -- An introduction to the fundamental doctrines and practices of Sufism, the mystical dimension of Islam.
Tagore, Rabindranath -- Songs of Kabir -- 1915 -- Ecstatic poems of the great Sufi yogi poet of India. With a new introduction by Andrew Harvey.
Tweedie, Irina -- Daughter of Fire -- 1979 -- A diary of a spiritual training with a Sufi master in India.
Yogananda, Paramahansa -- Wine of the Mystic - The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam -- 1937 -- Yogananda's commentary on this great Sufi classic.

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