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Yoga and Spiritual Book List
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The AYP list of nearly 500 yoga, spiritual, and related books is discussed in Lesson #253.
The books are divided into fifteen categories: 1-Yoga/Tantra/Advaita-Vedanta,
, 3-Taoism
4-Theosophy, 5-Judeo/Christian,
6-Western Mystics/Teachers
, 7-Islam/Sufism, 8-Shamanism,
9-Channeled Teachings
, 10-Biographies, 11-Inspiring Stories, 12-Health,
, 14-Death/Reincarnation, and 15-Other Related Books.


Abram, David -- The Spell of the Sensuous -- 1996 -- A scholarly critique on how humanity has separated itself sensorially from the unity of the natural world through alphabetic literacy and rational thought, and thus doing damage to the earth that sustains
all life.
Alder, Vera Stanley
-- Finding of the Third Eye -- 1938 -- An early 1900s work that postulates our possibilities, expressing optimism for our spiritual transformation. 
Baer, Greg -- Real Love -- 2003 -- Practical methods for finding unconditional love and fulfilling relationships.
Benner, Joseph -- The Impersonal Life -- 1941 -- The inner guru speaking from a Christian perspective.
Birk and Sanders -- Dante's Inferno - 2004 -- A modernized version of the classic, visiting Dante's levels of Hell within our modern landscape.
Braha, James -- Ancient Hindu Astrology for the Modern Western Astrologer -- 1986 -- An easy to understand book on Hindu Astrology (Jyotish).
Brown, Michael -- The Presence Process -- 2005 -- Step-by-step instructions for making the journey into "present moment awareness."
Bruce, Robert -- Astral Dynamics -- 1999 -- Everything you ever wanted to know about out of body experiences and astral soul travel, but were afraid to ask.
Bruce, Robert -- Energy Work -- 2007 -- Using the principles of energy management for healing and spiritual development.
Carnegie, Dale -- How to Win Friends and Influence People -- 1936 -- The popular classic on the practical application of the scriptural maxim: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." It is about life successfully lived in service.
Carroll and Tober -- The Indigo Children: The New Kids Have Arrived -- 1999 -- About new kids who don't fit the norm of past generations of kids. They have something extra, and it doesn't quite fit with the present world view of what kids are supposed to be. They are said to be old souls returning to Earth to continue evolving after a long absense.
Chapman, Rick -- How to Choose a Guru -- 1973 -- How to spot real spiritual teachers and teachings, at least until your inner guru can do it for you. 
Chopra, Deepak -- Creating Affluence -- 1993 -- Who better to tell us about creating affluence than one of the world's most affluent spiritual teachers?
Chopra, Deepak -- The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: A Practical Guide to the Fulfillment of Your Dreams -- 1994 -- A guidebook for living from the inside out.
Cohen, Alan -- The Dragon Doesn't Live Here Anymore -- 1981 -- A popular book on how to live fully and love freely.
Cohen, Alan -- Rising in Love - A journey Into Light -- 1983 --  On recognizing the constant presence of Love in our live and in the world.
Colton, Ann Ree -- Kundalini West -- 1978 -- On kundalini, chakras, etc., with focus on astrology, imagery and Christ.
Crow, WB -- Precious Stones --  1968 -- The occult power and hidden significance of precious stones in astrology, healing, magic, and religion.
Cunningham, Scott -- Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem and Metal Magic -- 1987 -- The astrological and healing powers of gemstones and metals.
Daniel, Wyllie and Ramer -- Ask Your Angels -- 1992 -- A practical guide on working with higher beings (angels) to enrich your life and spiritual progress.
Davis, Roy Eugene -- How You Can Use the Technique of Creative Imagination -- 1988 -- On using creative imagination, by one of Paramahansa Yogananda's well-known disciples.
Dwoskin, Hale -- The Sedona Method -- 2007 -- A modern method of self-inquiry based on the teachings of Lester Levenson.
Dyer, Wayne -- The Power of Intention: Learning to Co-Create Your World Your Way -- 2004 -- The "power of positive thinking," a la pop culture guru, Wayne Dyer.
Fink, Ken -- Unbuttoned - Who Says Men Can't Change? -- 2005 -- A memoir from a high-powered corporate attorney who left it all behind for the spiritual path.
Gaer, Joseph -- How the Great Religions Began -- 1929 -- A concise work on comparative religion.
Gibson, William -- A Season in Heaven -- 1974 --  One man's journey on the path of Transcendental Meditation, in search of "the legendary beast, cosmic consciousness."
Godwin, Robert -- One Cosmos under God -- 2004 -- A philosophical treatise on the unification of matter, life, mind and spirit.
Goodman, Linda -- Sun Signs -- 1968 -- The famous book on sun sign prognostication.
Harold, Edmund -- Focus on Crystals -- 1986 -- Use of quartz crystals in health, energy, concentration and attitude.
Hawkings, David -- Power vs. Force - The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior -- 1995 -- A master psychiatrist ferrets out "the truth" from human physical reactions to questions, leading ultimately to a thorough map of human spiritual transformation, if not reliable means to travel it.
Hawkings, David -- Transcending the Levels of Consciousness -- 2006 -- Picking up where "Power vs. Force" leaves off, the author attempts to lead the reader by the hand through the many mapped stages of consciousness to enlightenment.
Heline, Corinne -- Color and Music in the New Age -- 1964 --  The use of color and music in relation to astrological and spiritual influences.
Hopke, Tom -- How to Read Your Horoscope -- 1987 -- An introduction to Eastern (sidereal or jyotish) astrology with comparisons to Western astrology.
Howard, Jane -- Commune with the Angels -- 1992 -- Understanding the role of angels, and how to communicate with them.
Hubbard, L Ron -- What is Scientology? -- 1998 -- A religion based on the writings and life work of 20th century scholar, philosopher and scientist, L. Ron Hubbard.
James, William -- The Varieties of Religious Experience -- 2010 edition -- A leading thinker of the earily 1900s, an admirer of Vivekananda.
Johari, Harish -- Healing Power of Gemstones -- 1988 -- The use of gemstones in tantra, ayurveda and astrology.
Huxley, Aldous -- The Perennial Philosophy -- 2009 edition -- Ground-breaking book in the early 1900s on the commonality of mystical experience in all the traditions, east and west.
Keyes, Ken -- The Power of Unconditional Love -- 1990 -- 21 guidelines for beginning, improving and changing your most meaningful relationships.
MacLaine, Shirley -- Dancing in the Light -- 1985 -- The ongoing spiritual journey of a famous movie actress.
Marrs, Donald -- Executive in Passage -- 1990 -- A story of challenge, courage, surrender and fulfillment, about a man who puts the longing in his heart above the demands of the business world.
McTaggart, Lynne -- The Field -- 2008 -- An investigative journalist takes on universal consciousness, and comes up with a best seller.
Melchizedek, Drunvalo -- The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Vol. 1 -- 1999 -- The first of several books by this new age author, on the sacred geometry leading us into and out of physical existence.
Mission Control and Diana Luppi -- E.T. 101 - The Cosmic Instruction Manual -- 1990 -- A whimsical (yet serious) look at the Earth's accelerating awakening in consciousness, with emphasis on individual responsibility by all of us to assist the transformation. We are the ET's.

Moore, Thomas -- Care of the Soul -- 1992 -- A guide for cultivating depth and sacredness in everyday life.
Murphy, Michael -- Golf in the Kingdom -- 1972 -- A spiritual handbook for golfers.
Newberg and Waldman -- How God Changes Your Brain -- 2009 -- How our beliefs, actions and experiences change the neurobiological functioning of our brain, pointing to the lasting benefits of spiritual practices.
Peale, Norman Vincent -- The Power of Positive Thinking -- 1952 -- The classic work on applying creative imagination and prayer.
Peck, M. Scott -- The Road Less Traveled -- 1978 -- A groundbreaking work on the psychology of love in relation to traditional values and spiritual growth.
Rosenberg, Marshall -- Nonviolent Communications -- 2003 -- Using attention to enhance all aspects communication, particularly in confrontations.
Rosenblum and Kuttner -- Quantum Enigma -- 2006 -- The search for consciousness in physics.
Silbey, Uma -- Complete Crystal Guide -- 1986 -- The many uses of quartz crystals.
Simpson, Patti -- Hello Friend -- 1981 -- An introduction to Eckankar, the movement of astral soul travelers started by Paul Twitchell.
Smith, Huston -- The Religions of Man -- 1958 -- The classic work on world religions.
Smith, Michael -- Crystal Power -- 1985 -- Ancient to modern uses of crystals
Stebbing, Lionel -- Dictionary of the Occult Sciences -- 1967 --  Definitions for 1,370 terms from all the major esoteric traditions of the world.
Talbot, Michael -- The Holographic Universe -- 1991 -- From the point of view of science, an exploration of the concept that every particle of existence mirrors the whole of existence. An informative discussion on Oneness.
Taylor, Terry Lynn -- Messengers of Light -- 1990 -- The angel's guide to spiritual growth.
Toben, Bob -- Space-Time and Beyond -- 1975 -- The relation of  the laws of physics with the reality of consciousness - easy to read - well illustrated.
Tompkins, Peter -- Secrets of the Great Pyramid -- 1971 -- For the Egyptologist in all of us.
Twitchell, Paul -- Tiger's Fang -- 1967 -- The first book on Eckankar, recording Twitchell's time and experiences with a Tibetan adept.
Twitchell, Paul -- Eckankar - The Key to Secret Worlds -- 1969 -- Principles and practices of soul travel as a path to God.
Twitchell, Paul -- Flute of God -- 1969 -- The fundamental philosophy of Eckankar.
Twitchell, Paul -- Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, Book 1 -- 1970 -- The first of twelve volumes of an ancient Tibetan scripture on Eckankar - the science of soul travel.
Twitchell, Paul -- The Far Country -- 1970 -- On planes of existence beyond the physical senses.
Twitchell, Paul -- Spiritual Notebook -- 1971 -- Eckankar, the races of humanity, saints and saviors, world religions, soul travel...
Van Gelder, Dora -- The Real World of Fairies -- 1977 -- A lovely little book on the wonderful world of fairies, whose job it is to promote balance in nature. They can tell us a lot about our world and our possibilities.
Walsh, Donald Neale -- Conversations with God, Book 1 -- 1995 -- One man's conversation with God, dutifully recorded by the same man.
Wilber, Ken -- A Brief History of Everything -- 2001 -- Ken Wilber takes Eastern philosophy and simplifies it: The evolution of consciousness from unmanifest, to manifest, through all the kingdoms of nature, to self-awareness, and self-realization.
Wilson, Colin -- The Occult -- 1971 -- A history of magic throughout the centuries.
Wolfe, Thomas -- And the Sun is Up: Kundalini Rises in the West -- 1978 -- An American’s story about his kundalini awakening.
Yatri -- Unknown Man -- 1988 -- A lavishly illustrated overview of modern humankind undergoing a remarkable spiritual "birth" to become a higher species.
Ziewe, Jurgen -- Multidimensional Man -- 2008 -- The author's diary about out-of-body experiences in other dimensions of reality, covering a 40 year period.

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