Advanced Yoga Practices
International Translations

These are ongoing human (manual) translations of the AYP online lessons from the original English. If you are interested in doing a translation of the lessons to another language, or assisting with an existing translation, please visit the International Translations forum topic, or contact Yogani.

Note: Translations of the AYP books, beginning with "Deep Meditation," can be found here on the main books page. Also see asterisk (*) links below.

   Arabic -- http://www.aypsite.com/ayparabia/Index.html
                    *AYP Book Translations Available

   Bulgarian -- (PDF) https://www.aypsite.com/AYP_Lessons_Bulgarian.pdf

   Chinese -- http://blog.sina.com.cn/aypchinese
                        *AYP Book Translations Available

   Croatian --  *AYP Book Translations Available

   Czech -- http://ayp.cz
 *AYP Book Translations Available

   Dutch -- http://aypsite.nl
*AYP Book Translations Available

   French -- http://www.aypsite.ch
*AYP Book Translations Available

   German -- http://www.fyue.de

   *AYP Book Translations Available

   Hindi --  *AYP Book Translations Available

   Italian -- http://ayp-italia.blogspot.it

   Norwegian -- http://www.aypsite.com/Norwegian/index.html
 *AYP Book Translations Available

   Persian -- http://www.ayppersian.com
*AYP Book Translations Available

   Polish -- http://ayppoland.com

   Portuguese -- http://ayppt.wordpress.com

   Romanian -- aypromania.blogspot.com

   Russian --  *AYP Book Translations Available

   Spanish -- http://www.aypspanish.com 
                       *AYP Book Translations Available

The Google Automated Translation Tool can be found at the top of all AYP website and forum pages

There are over 100 languages in the Google translator pull-down menu, which can also be accessed in another pull-down menu you will see once the translator is launched. Once the page appears in your language, you can navigate anywhere on the AYP website and support forums with all pages translated automatically.

The Google automated translations are gradually improving over time, and can be helpful with AYP lessons and forum discussions that are not covered in the human (manual) translations above.

Wishing you all the best on your chosen path. Practice wisely, and enjoy!

The guru is in you.