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Advanced Yoga Practices Plus
Expanded and Interactive Lessons and Books

Welcome to AYP Plus!

Thank you for being a subscriber. Your support enables us to continue sharing the AYP resources around the world.

You can find an overview of AYP Plus on the public Plus Preview Page, including a 4 minute video that summarizes the Plus features. If you have not been there yet, be sure to take a look. Because the Preview Page is public, it can be shared with anyone who might be interested in AYP Plus.

This expanded and integrated version of the Advanced Yoga Practices (AYP) system has been developed to provide you with all of the AYP writings and resources in one place. So whether you are into reading the lessons or the books, or listening to the audiobooks or the interviews, it is all here, with extensive navigation tools providing much better access, intuitively inter-connecting the many resources on the site. If you are looking for dedicated support, it is also here. In other words, you can find the information you need more easily and get on with your path. No more rummaging around looking for AYP stuff in multiple places on the internet and elsewhere. Everything you need for utilizing the AYP system of practices is literally at your finger tips.

There are many lesson additions here (100s) not to be found anywhere else, which can add new dimensions to your practice, experience, and a deepening understanding of your unique spiritual journey.  To find the lesson additions, see the "What's New?" Page. The link can also be found under "Notices" at the top of the left border of the Plus site.  Lesson additions are prominently displayed in the Main and Tantra lesson directories as well. You are encouraged to explore all of the features and pathways in AYP Plus.

While this is a subscription service, anyone can sign up. AYP is still an open system, and the hope is that it always will be. The AYP Plus service is for assuring that there can be support so the ongoing development of open resources for easy-to-use advanced yoga practices can continue for years to come.

The goal here is making your path of practices easier, more effective and comfortable, through an individualized experience-based approach. There is focused support on practices and experiences for practitioners at all levels available in the AYP Plus Support Forum, which includes a live archive of discussions since 2005 from the highly regarded AYP public forum, and many additions specific to AYP Plus,  including direct linking between hundreds of new forum support topics and all of the Plus lessons, books and interviews. More dedicated and personalized support for your path is one of the many benefits you will find in AYP Plus.

For some particulars on utilizing AYP Plus, please visit the Contact/Admin Page, where you will find information on managing your subscription, help for signing in to the Plus Support Forum using your existing public forum name, or as a new member, and other useful administrative and operational tips. 

The Plus lessons include features that customize the presentation of the instructional material to the needs of the individual practitioner (you!) through the use of additional materials, "Related Lesson Topic Paths" and interactive support links enabling the practitioner to quickly find instructional content and support that is most relevant to what is happening on their unique path.

Google Translate is installed on all the Plus Lessons, Online Books and the Plus Support Forum, covering about 90 languages. You can find it at the top of all the lesson pages and the support forum, and at the bottom of the bookmarks panel in the online book viewers.

While AYP Plus is a greatly expanded online resource, it is also a work in progress with ongoing improvements in features and to the vast knowledge-base, including multi-media content, lesson additions and the sharing of questions and answers with thousands of practitioners around the world. We are steadily increasing our understanding of the process of human spiritual transformation and how the prudent application of self-directed practice can accelerate our journey into a life of greater peace, energy and creativity, while maintaining good progress with comfort and safety along the way.

The launch of AYP Plus in 2015 has enabled an expanded and more interactive continuation of the online sharing that first began in 2003. Thanks to practitioners like you, we have come a long way in the practical application of self-directed spiritual techniques, and in understanding the evolution of experiences on the path to enlightenment.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner, there is plenty of useful information here for you. So welcome, and thank you for helping us continue the sharing.

I wish you all the best on your path. Practice wisely, and enjoy! 

The guru is in you.



Copyright Notice: All online writings by Yogani are copyrighted. The contents of AYP Plus are for subscribers only. To obtain paperback and other editions of the AYP books, for off-line use, please visit the Bookstore. All the AYP eBooks and AudioBooks are copyrighted and are for the purchaser's use only. If any of them have come to you electronically from an unauthorized source, it is requested that you go to the AYP Direct Downloads Page and pay for them there. You can also obtain the leading e-reader formats there at no extra cost.

Questions submitted by email or in the AYP Plus Support Forums are done so with understanding that they are for the ongoing use of the readers and that they may be published anonymously for the benefit of all in the online lessons in a Q&A or testimonial, and/or in a subsequent book, except in the case where it is requested that the contents of an email inquiry remain private. Reader privacy is fully respected, and all comments are welcome.

Disclaimer: Each is responsible for his or her own spiritual progress, and for the methods applied. What you do with the information in the AYP writings and all related content is your call.


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