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Alchemy of Bliss - California
Tantra training and events in California.

Aum Love Tantra
Website for
bringing light to the sacred spiritual practice of Tantra and provide ways for it to be applied practically into ones daily life.

Centering Practices -- Vigyan Bhairava and Sochanda Tantra
From "Zen Flesh, Zen Bones," compiled by Paul Reps, 1957. These scriptures are 4000 years old, and as applicable as ever. 112 practices. #43 captures the essence of tantric sex - "At the start of sexual union, keep attention on the fire in the beginning, and, so continuing, avoid the embers in the end."

Daniel Odier
Popular French Tantric master of both the Taoist and Yogic traditions.

DFW Tantra Group
Illuminating discussions on tantra with "divine intimate," Andrea.

David Deida
Highly regarded author and teacher on spirituality and sacred sexuality.

Kama Sutra of Vatsayayana
Complete English translation of the Kama Sutra. There are also links here to other online texts on tantra and sacred sexuality.

Broad site on tantra - introduction, principles, rituals, practices, etc.

Love Creation Tantra -- Germany
Love & Relationship Training Courses for Singles and Couples by Bjrn Leimbach & Leila Bust.

Margot Anand
Pioneering author and teacher. A leading proponent of tantric intimacy in the West,

Oceanic Tantra
Well regarded Hawaiian retreat center specializing in the inner science of human relations and sexuality.

OneTantra -- A Network of Tantra Teachers and Students

Osho -- Resort and Multiversity at Pune, India
Writings and retreat center of the late Osho/Rajneesh, a trail-blazer in full spectrum tantra yoga in the days when it was little known in the West.

Reuniting -- Healing with Sexual Relationships
This website is about relationships, spirituality and sexuality. Humankind possesses untapped potential for harmony and wellbeing through the medium of intimate relationships.

Poems of the great 13th century Sufi mystic - oozing love and spiritual wisdom. Each refresh on this page brings new poems. Try it, you'll like it.

Sacred Sex
Essays and articles on tantra and sacred sexuality.

Saint John of the Cross
16th century Christian sage. His poems intimately describe intense bhakti and its inner fruition. He was associated with the revered Saint Theresa of Avila.

Shiva Shakti Mandalam
This Hindu Tantrik site will tell you everything you never knew about Tantra. The site is encyclopedic in breadth. Yantra, mantra, tantra and other material relating to the tantrik tradition are found here, along with an extensive bibliography, English translations, and links to other sites.
A broad and informative site on tantra yoga inspired by Romanian yogi, Gregorian Bivolaru (Grieg).

Source School of Tantra
Founded by Charles and Caroline Muir, pioneering authors and teachers on Western tantra.

Sri Kamakoti Mandali
Right handed approach to Tantra, covering Sri Vidya, Advaita/Vedanta and Kundalini Yoga.

Sri Yantra - Blue
Sacred symbol of Sri Vidya Tantra. See blue Sri Yantra depicting ongoing union of Shiva (white lingam bindus) and Shakti (blue yoni triangles) in every atom of the cosmos. Sri Yantra also represents the sushumna/spinal nerve/tunnel, and the divine union (OM) occurring everywhere in us.

Sri Yantra - Yogani Drawings
Six Sri Yantra Drawings: Blue, Green, Violet, Red, Rainbow, and Black. The layout is set up for individual viewing of each Sri Yantra, with standard browser settings.
Resources for Tantra, Tantric Sex & The Kama Sutra

Site of noted tantra author Nik Douglas. Interesting essays, good list of tantra web links, and an excellent bibliography on classic works on tantra.

Taoist Yoga -- Universal Tao System
The writings and courses/retreats of Mantak Chia, a pioneer in bringing Taoist sexual techniques to the West. Universal Tao Centers are located worldwide.

The Multiple Orgasm Trigger (TM)
An approach that can separate orgasm from ejaculation in men (and women), enabling multiple orgasms. Is this yoga? No. It is mildly degenerative (like female multiple orgasms) and only reaches to the throat center, where-as yoga is regenerative and goes ecstatically to the third eye, and beyond. Even so, this is a step in the right direction, especially for men.

The Order of Fire
A path of Tantric training with Ralph Nataraj and Shakti Aameerah.

Transcendence -- Authentic Tantra Yoga -- United Kingdom
Tantra is a practical spiritual path to integrate, Spirit, Heart and Sex: connecting our  our emotions and sexuality with meditation and spiritual awareness.

Twelve Step Recovery Programs -- 12 Step Cyber Café
Yoga purifies the nervous system, usually resulting in a reduced need for artificial intoxicants such as alcohol, tobacco and drugs. However, if substance use is excessive, yoga may not be enough to clean the inner windows of perception, and additional measures may be necessary. The twelve step program developed by Alcoholics Anonymous in the 1930s, and since expanded to address many other forms of addiction and obsessive negative habits (including sexual), is a proven program that is available to anyone worldwide. The 12 Step Cyber Café is a good place to start. There are many resources here.

Twelve Step Recovery Programs -- Alcoholics Anonymous "Big Book"
The original AA 12 Step "Big Book" is free online here.

Vamacara Tantra
Vamacara is the Metaphysics of the Feminine Perspective based on the ancient realization that Freedom is not just some abstract pie in the sky fantasy, but includes your sexual energy as well as your spiritual vision.