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Download Basics

Downloading to a Windows or Mac PC
Downloading to a Tablet or Phone
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Direct downloads for the Advanced Yoga Practices (AYP) ebooks and audiobooks come in Zip files and are delivered via internet links contained in emails that are sent to you automatically when you make your purchase. Your online purchase confirmation will also include immediate access to a webpage containing the same download links.

AYP eBook Zip file contains several formats for the ebook: PDF (fixed page format), EPUB (open flow format) and MOBI (Kindle flow format), enabling you to read your ebook on a variety of computers/devices and reader softwares according to your preference.

AYP AudioBook Zip file contains introductory and playlist PDFs, multiple MP3 files in order (usually more than 40), and the corresponding ebook (in the three file formats) which comes bundled free with each audiobook.

AYP Bundled
Zip file download offerings on the Direct Downloads Page contain multiple ebooks and audiobooks in various combinations.

All of the direct download AYP ebooks and audiobooks are non-DRM (non-digital rights management), which means they do not contain encryption and can be moved around and accessed on any computer, mobile device, reader or audio player that is compatible with the file type and not limited to encrypted files.

The AYP ebooks and audiobooks are copyrighted, and non-DRM does not mean that they are free to copy and give away. They are for the purchaser's use only. The continuing availability of the many free resources on this website depends on AYP book sales. Please see this Copyright Notice for more information. Your help in supporting the AYP work by honoring the copyrights is much appreciated.


To download and access your ebooks and audiobooks, your computer or mobile device will need the ability to perform three basic functions:

1. The ability to download Zip files to a "File Manager" program or application (app) where the files can be accessed and managed.

2. The ability to "unzip" Zip files to access the ebook and audiobook files. Most modern File Manager programs have this ability built in. Not all do, so a separate Zip/Unzip program may be necessary, especially on older computers.

3. The ability in the File Manager to open the unzipped ebook and audiobook files in a reader or audio player of your choice.

Fortunately, these three capabilities are inherent on many modern computers, so it may not be necessary for you to add anything extra to your system to download and access the AYP ebooks and audiobooks for basic PDF reading and MP3 listening. If additional programs/apps are needed, they can usually be obtained via free legal downloads.

To read EPUB or MOBI flow format files (important for small screens) additional software will be needed, which is available in free downloads. If you want to listen to your audiobooks in continuous play album mode, an additional free download audio player may be necessary. eBook reader and audio player software suggestions are provided below.

Some mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod, and Android tablets and phones) may not come with File Manager software installed, which means that downloads from an email or internet link may not be accepted. This has been a common problem encountered in attempting to download the AYP ebooks and audiobooks on mobile devices. Solutions are suggested below.

File Management Tip:
It is suggested to keep unzipped files in a folder with the same name as the original zip file. This will make it easier to find and access your ebooks and audiobooks. Some unzipping programs will do this automatically. If not, then consider making the folders manually and unzipping into them, or switch to a file manager program/app that will do it for you.

Too Complicated?
Keep in mind that, if these steps seem too daunting, you have the option to obtain the AYP ebooks and audiobooks through the big online retail channels where most of the technical details are taken care of for you. These include ebook channels such as Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, Google Play, Barnes & Noble Nook, Kobo, and others. The AYP MP3 audiobooks are available through online music stores such as iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play and others, and can be downloaded the same way music is. You can find these big online retail channels carrying the AYP ebooks and audiobooks linked directly for each title on the AYP Books Page.

Now we will look at the kinds of computers, tablets, phones and other devices you might be using to access the AYP direct download ebooks and audiobooks, and offer suggestions to cover the three capabilities outlined above, in case any might be missing from your computer/device.

Downloading the AYP ebooks and audiobooks to a Windows or Mac PC is the most straight-forward, because these computer types have built-in file managers, so downloaded files can be easily accessed for unzipping, organizing and opening in ebook readers and audio players.

For older operating systems, a separate unzipping program may be needed, such as WinZip, EasyZip, CamTech UnZip Me, or other free programs that can be easily found with a Google search.

For eBook Reading on Desktop/Laptop (free apps):
Adobe Reader (PDF)
Adobe Digital Editions Reader (EPUB, PDF)
Kindle (MOBI, PDF)
Nook (EPUB)
Kobo (EPUB)
Calibre (All Formats)

For MP3 AudioBook Listening on Desktop/Laptop (free apps):

Windows Media Player
Apple iTunes Player
Quicktime Media Player

Google searches will turn up many more ebook reader and audiobook player options.

File Transfers to Mobile Devices:
Once the AYP ebooks and audiobooks are on your desktop or laptop computer, they can be copied to your mobile devices via a USB connection, or even wirelessly, utilizing the procedure for doing that for each particular mobile device. Until recently, this has been the easiest way to access the AYP ebooks and audiobooks on mobile devices. But now there are apps that make it much easier to directly download and access zipped files on mobile devices.

See below for suggestions on downloading and/or transferring ebook and audiobook files to mobile devices.

DOWNLOADING TO A TABLET OR PHONE (iPad, iPhone/iPod, Android Tablet or Phone)
Most of the questions that have come on downloading the AYP ebooks and audiobooks have been for mobile devices. The most frequent issue has been that the mobile device would not allow the download. As mentioned earlier, the most common reason for this has been the lack of a file management app to accept the download. Once the Zip file is downloaded, then it is necessary to unzip it and access the ebook and audiobook files with mobile device apps similar to the programs mentioned above for desktop and laptop computers.

Here are some suggestions for free apps that can be used to download and access AYP ebooks and audiobooks on Apple and Android mobile devices. These have been found to work well in tests here. They do not represent the only solutions available (see "for further help and to offer suggestions" below):

Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod
Apple mobile devices do not have centralized file management, which means each app has its own file management (or lack of it), and apps are populated by putting files in them with downloads (if they will accept them) and/or transfer from other apps, or an external computer.

If you use iTunes for accessing content on Apple mobile devices, the AYP ebooks and audiobooks can be downloaded and unzipped on the main desktop or laptop and moved via "drag and drop" into the corresponding iTunes Library section, where they can be synced with your Apple mobile devices. This will work only for files compatible with Apple apps installed on the iPad, iPhone or iPod, including iBooks (for EPUB ebooks) and the iTunes Music Player (for MP3 audiobooks, which can be drag/dropped into Music and are seen as albums in iTunes).

If you do not use iTunes on a desktop or laptop computer to sync with your Apple mobile device, and wish to directly download Zip files and access their contents on your Apple mobile device, then the following apps are suggested:

GoodReader (file manager for Apple iOS) - for receiving, unzipping, PDF reading and MP3 listening within the app, plus exporting files to any other compatible app installed on the device.

The p
rocedure for using GoodReader is as follows:

1. Receive the AYP Direct Download email with link.

Copy link.

3. Open Good reader App Choose the connect tab within the app.

4. Choose "Browse the Web" (the app has its own web browser).

5. Paste the link from your email into the web browser and go to the download page then click on the download.

6. Download will go to the downloads folder within the app.

7. Click on the zipped folder and choose "Unzip."

Open the unzipped folder.

Choose "Manage files" tab from the app tap on the EPUB version of the book (included with AYP download), tap on "Open in other app." You can then copy to iBooks or other EPUB reader and read this format there.

10. Alternatively, choose the MOBI file format of the book (included with AYP download) and follow the above described "step 9" but this time you can open it in the Kindle app.

11. Y
ou can also read the PDF version of the ebook in the GoodReader app's own PDF reader.

12. Audiobook
MP3 files will also open and play in the GoodReader app without exporting or importing.

Also for eBook Reading on iPad/iPhone/iPod:
Adobe Reader (PDF)
iBooks (EPUB, PDF)
Kindle (MOBI, PDF)
Nook (EPUB)
Kobo (EPUB)

For MP3 AudioBook Listening on iPad/iPhone/iPod:

GoodReader - play of MP3 audiobooks from direct downloads
iTunes Music - play of MP3 audiobooks (synced from iTunes)

File Transfers to/from Apple Mobile Devices:
Files can be copied back and forth between a desktop or laptop computer and apps on an Apple mobile device via a USB connection or Wi-Fi local network. This can be done through the iTunes program installed on the desktop or laptop and synced with the Apple mobile device.

When using iTunes, the device (iPad, iPhone or iPod) is selected under Library in the upper right corner of the iTunes screen on the desktop or laptop computer. The USB connection is default. Wi-Fi will only work after enabled in iTunes. Once the device comes up, click on "Apps" on the top menu. At the bottom of the Apps page, the file transfer function can be found, which can be used to send folders or files in either direction. It is suggested to send the AYP ebook and audiobook files in Zip files or folders to a versatile file manager like GoodReader on the Apple mobile device, where the files can be easily unzipped, managed and opened in any compatible app.

Android Tablet or Phone
Android devices have centralized file storage, and the same files can be accessed from multiple apps on the device. Downloaded files go the "downloads" folder, where they can be accessed, moved etc.

If your Android device is not set up for downloading zip files and accessing their contents, the following free apps are suggested:

Android File Manager (for Android OS 2.0 and up) -  Can access, unzip, manage and open ebook and audio files in most compatible apps installed on the device. Unzipped files go into a folder with the same name as the original Zip file, making it easy to manage your ebooks and audiobooks.

AndroZip File Manager (for Android OS 2.0 and up) -   Can access, unzip, manage and open ebook and audio files in any compatible app installed on the device. This app has a few extra options not available in the basic Android File Manager app. But it may display more ads than you would like, unless you opt for a paid version. Some of the free Android apps are like that, with ads until a paid version is downloaded.

For eBook Reading on Android (free apps - these three worked well in tests):

Adobe Reader (PDF)
Aldiko Reader (EPUB, PDF)
Cool Reader (MOBI, EPUB)
You can also try Kindle (MOBI), Nook (EPUB), Kobo (EPUB), etc. Those gave mixed results in tests for accessing them from a file manager.

For MP3 AudioBook Listening on Android (free apps):

Music Player - Comes with Android. Not bad for continuous album/audiobook playing, or any other app you may use to play music albums on your Android device.

File Transfers to/from Android Mobile Devices:
When an Android device is plugged into a desktop or laptop computer with a USB connector, its central storage can be seen like any other storage drive, and files can be transferred (going in either direction), moved or copied easily using the desktop or laptop file manager.

The above suggestions are based on research and tests performed on popular computers and mobile devices. These may not be the best solutions, but they do work in performance tests. Many solutions that did not work were found also. Older or newer devices or operating systems may require different software applications. So the instructions and suggestions provided here should be considered to be a starting point. If you can do better on your computer/device, then go for it.

After reviewing the above instructions and suggested applications, if you are still not able to access the AYP ebooks and audiobooks, please let us know via email on the Contact Page.

You can also find additional assistance in this AYP Support Forum topic. Suggestions are welcome there on additional procedures and software applications for accessing the AYP ebooks and audiobooks on any type of computer or mobile device.

This download instructions page will be updated from time to time as technology advances and additional options for downloading and accessing the AYP ebooks and audiobooks come to light.

Thank you for your interest in the AYP direct download ebooks and audiobooks. Wishing you all the best on your path. Practice wisely, and enjoy!

The guru is in you.


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