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Lesson 405 - The Uncertainty of Life  (Audio)

From: Yogani
Date: May 27, 2010

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Q: I get so tired at times of the uncertainty of life, the unlimited aspects of life that are revealed in a moment, and then as soon as we think we know what it is, it becomes something else to navigate. How does one ever come to terms with this?

A: Our experience of life is determined entirely by our point of view. Life is simply an endless flow that we see through the glass of our sense of self. The color of the flow is the color of our glass. What is that flow? Never-ending movement. Is it uncertain, or is it simply a flow, like water running down the side of a mountain, or the sea endlessly kissing the shore?

"Uncertainty" is an interpretation of the flow of life, isn't it? A story.

This raises a question: Are we navigating a sea of uncertainty, a sea of opportunity, or a sea of ecstatic bliss? It all depends on our point of view, and that depends on our relationship in stillness with the flow of life. Uncertainty is actually quite certain, isn't it? Why should we argue with it? Arguing with it, expecting it to stay put according to our expectations, can be very tiring. Much easier to go with it, rooted in stillness rather than the constant change. An interesting thing happens when we let go of expectations in stillness. We find we have many more choices as we move through unlimited possibilities for uplifting the flow of life. And there is joy in this.

The question of uncertainty gradually becomes a non-question as we engage in spiritual practices. The question melts into what is, as we become that which we were questioning. We find we are not required to take sides (no sides to be taken), or have a fixed point of view, and that doing so only harms us and others. This awareness becomes acute, and we learn from our own experience.

As we cultivate abiding inner silence, and see it (our silent Self) moving increasingly in resonance with the flow of life, then life is seen through a clear glass. It is seen as an endless flow of radiant divine love, beautifully adorned with all of its warts and blemishes, permeated with pure bliss consciousness all the while. We are That, and we find ourselves acting accordingly in the world.

We come to terms with the flow of life by awakening in the realization that we are life itself.

The guru is in you.

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