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Lesson 264 - Astral Projection  (Audio) 

From: Yogani
Date: Sun Jun 5, 2005  7:20 am

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Q: This morning, prior to my meditation practices, I sat and listened to a guided meditation CD. I woke up early and was unable to fall back asleep. Normally I first do spinal breathing and meditation. I was too tired to concentrate properly so I figured I would try the guided meditation to help relax comfortably for a while.

I listened carefully and went along with the visualizations. After about 30 minutes the guided part ended and there is about 30 minutes of energization sounds. During this period I went into a somewhat shallow sleep. Then I could feel the energy inside building up into a strong quick surge. I separated from my body and found my astral body awake at my parents house some 1,800 miles away. The whole situation lasted maybe two minutes. I then found myself back in my chair somewhat disoriented. I got out of the chair and went into my meditation room and did my spinal breathing, neck rolls, breath of fire and then meditation. My meditation was immediately deep and quiet. The ecstatic conductivity was very strong. My entire skull had a wonderful energy coursing throughout. Unfortunately, I had to get up and go to work. I could have stayed for quite some time.

My question is, was this astral energy the same energy required for samadhi? I used to have these experiences quite frequently. This was before I began a routine morning sadhana, which began a little over 2 years ago. Any comments on this experience are appreciated.

A: Thank you for writing and sharing.

If you are asking if the energy associated with the astral projection is the same needed for samadhi, or is a prerequisite for samadhi, the answer is, no. Such experiences do happen as a result of samadhi, but are not prerequisites to it. They can happen without samadhi also, and that is why motivation to attain powers for their own sake is not considered to be in the best interest of spiritual progress. It will more likely be a distraction. On the other hand, what happens spontaneously on the path (powers) will happen, and we will be wise to just take it in stride and move on with our practices, as you have done.

Samadhi is, by definition, the condition of inner silence, pure bliss consciousness, so is not an "energy" per se, though all energy comes out from it. Unmanifest becoming manifest -- that is the way of creation. In samyama, we do this systematically to "move" inner silence out into our nervous system and the surrounding environment. It is how the unity stage is cultivated, in part. The other part is entering into service to others. Selfless service is the most visible expression of the expansion of pure bliss consciousness to the unity stage in a person. Sense of self then encompasses all as outpouring divine love.

Astral projection, bi-location and powers in general are incidental to the overall journey. They are abilities that are a natural feature of higher states of consciousness. They are not causes of spiritual evolution, but effects.

Interestingly, this in covered in the new novel, "The Secrets of Wilder," due out this summer, in a way similar to what you described, only with a purpose, a need for help in a distant place. Need (service) is the best application for powers such as spontaneous bi-location. It will happen naturally enough as our consciousness becomes more universal and the need arises. Such natural service-oriented expressions of powers are for the good, which is the best way for them to evolve.

I wish you all success on your continuing spiritual path. Enjoy!

The guru is in you.

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