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Lesson 212 - Whole Body Mudra  (Audio)

From: Yogani
Date: Tue Jun 29, 2004 2:39pm

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Q: I wanted to let you know that the Sambhavi you have described is very powerful. It is a lot more powerful than Mulabandha. Is this really true or does it vary from person to person?

A: I'm glad sambhavi is working well for you. It is a very important mudra, because the ajna (third eye end of the spinal nerve) is the master controller of the entire nervous system from the standpoint of ecstatic conductivity, both in cultivating it and in advancing it after it starts to come up. Then, with the nervous system wired together ecstatically like that, it is all one whole body mudra led by sambhavi. Mulabandha/asvini is then part of sambhavi, as are uddiyana/nauli, kechari, and many other visible and invisible movements occurring in the body. All the mudras are part of a whole body ecstatic stimulus/response, with sambhavi leading. In this situation, when the eyes go up as the brow furrows slightly, everything goes up.

When the eyes move devotionally, all the mudras will subtly move by automatic reflex. Ahhh... That is why we nudge all of these mudras along in practices until ecstatic conductivity comes up, building the habits, setting up for further evolution in the nervous system. Then, with ecstatic conductivity, there is only one mudra -- the whole body mudra, made up of all the parts. Sambhavi is the leader of it. That's why we see pictures of the sages with their eyes raised. They are in whole body ecstatic bliss just from that, with divine energy radiating out in all directions.

The rise of the whole body mudra reflex is further evidence of the connectedness of yoga throughout our nervous system. It also demonstrates that human spiritual transformation is a neuro-biological process, not ruled by any particular philosophy or belief system. Anyone can do this!

The guru is in you.

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