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Lesson 192 - Tips on Kechari  (Audio)

From: Yogani
Date: Tue May 18, 2004 1:58pm

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Q: Can you please clarify the following regarding kechari: When I try kechari I keep my mouth closed and try to suck my tongue in with the base of the tongue touching the roof of the mouth. Is this the right way of doing it? If so I am unable to follow your instruction of pushing the tongue to one side to enter the nasal passage because as soon as I open my mouth to put a finger, suction is lost and the tongue doesn't go as far as it did while sucking.

A: No, using suction to get to stage 2 is not part of kechari. It is done with the tongue muscles - helped with the finger in the beginning stages.

Opening the mouth helps with entry up into the nasal pharynx. Later on, opening the mouth and finger help are not needed to go up.

Try an experiment. Put the tip of your tongue back on the roof of your mouth (stage 1) with your mouth closed. Then open your mouth. The tongue goes a little further back with the mouth open, right? So, open mouth, finger help, and going to the left or right side of the soft palate is the way up into the nasal pharynx. The frenum under the tongue is the only limiting factor then.

There are two approaches for dealing with the frenum - tiny snipping and/or milking (stretching) of the tongue. Of the two methods, tiny snipping is the quickest and least uncomfortable, but more controversial. Both methods can be used over a period of time.

Please review the detailed lesson on kechari (#108) just to be clear on everything.

Getting into stage 2 kechari and stabilizing in it will be a big boost to your practices and experiences. The connection of the tongue with the sensitive and spiritually erogenous edge of the nasal septum is a huge leap forward in yoga. It is an important contributor to the ongoing cultivation of ecstatic conductivity in the nervous system.

I wish you all success.

The guru is in you.

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Note: For instructions on kechari mudra, see the Asanas, Mudras and Bandas book, and AYP Plus.

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