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Lesson 179 - The Star Revisited  (Audio)

From: Yogani
Date: Tue May 4, 2004 0:15pm

New Visitors: It is recommended you read from the beginning of the archive, as previous lessons are prerequisite to this one. The first lesson is, "Why This Discussion?"

Q: I am reading the previous posts and feeling the desire to return to yoga practice and most especially meditation.

About 4 years ago I was meditating regularly at night and this is what happened: I always see a purple cloud like object that begins to pull my consciousness through the tunnel as I call it. My mantra is usually the word or image of the word God. When I go through the tunnel - I see what looks like the Universe of stars - filled with little white beams that seem to be stars in the heavens. I just linger there.

But, this one time the little star or light beam began to move towards me (my pineal, as I call it - the third eye). At first I felt somewhat alarmed and then I just said, "Let only that which is of God come to me." And I continued my mantra of "God". When the light became close I realized it was a huge white sphere of beautiful and light and attached to it and flowing out of it was a multitude of dancing ribbons. The movement was beautiful as was the light of the sphere.

Eventually, as I observed it the light completely merged with me - that is my pineal. For many weeks after that, I would get what I call "light" flashes in the front part of my cerebrum and I could see them as I was going about normal business.

I have always heard people who practice meditation say: "Do not focus on these events." My response to that is: It is pretty hard to NOT remember, feel and think about such a powerful phenomenon. It is not that I gave it power over me - it is just that I was amazed at the beauty and effect on me that the experience had!

Thank you for your thoughts.

A: Thank you for writing and sharing.

That is a beautiful experience, and it is natural as the nervous system reaches an increasingly purified state. 

You may want to review lesson #92 -- "The Star," which goes into some detail on the kind of experience you described. It can give you some additional perspective on your inner anatomy. Reported experiences of group members are discussed in many places in the lessons as they relate to practices. 

Experiences are the "scenery" we notice on the way to enlightenment. We are certainly entitled to enjoy the visions that come. At the same time, it is important to recognize that experiences are a product of the purification occurring in our nervous system due to daily practices. As with any journey, we can enjoy the view along the way. But to reach our destination, obviously, we must keep on traveling. That means gently favoring the practices we are doing over experiences that may come up during our routine. After our practices, during the day, if we have visions, we can enjoy them, or favor the work we may be doing at the time. It is our choice. Inner experiences will become a regular part of our life, and we will go on to ever-higher expressions of the divine shining out through us. In time, we become pure channels of divine love in the world.

This is where humanity is heading -- to more enlightenment coming up in everyone in everyday living. It is happening as more and more people engage in daily practices, and everyone doing practices is helping everyone else energetically. No one has to go anywhere for this. We are opening right here in the life we are presently living.

If you are ready to resume practices it is suggested you go through the lessons from the beginning. They give a step-by-step build-up of integrated practices that stimulate steady purification and opening of the nervous system. I think you will find lots of interesting information relating to your spiritual unfoldment. If you are using a system of practices from another source, then just use the lessons as "food for thought." You are in charge of your journey. 

I wish you all success as you travel along your chosen spiritual path. Keep your hands on the wheel, and enjoy the ride!

The guru is in you.

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Note: For detailed discussion on the benefits of "favoring the practice over the scenery," see the AYP Eight Limbs of Yoga book, and AYP Plus.

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