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Lesson 152 - Thinking about Meanings versus Doing Samyama Practice  (Audio)

From: Yogani
Date: Thu Apr 1, 2004 0:46pm

New Visitors: It is recommended you read from the beginning of the archive, as previous lessons are prerequisite to this one. The first lesson is, "Why This Discussion?"

Q: Now I'm a little confused, I thought we were to just think the word and then let it go. This recent response sounds like we should meditate or think about it. Another question - I am getting these bursts of feelings/energy within my body throughout the day. They can be localized and I seem to have some control over them. I am assuming they are kundalini. My question is this - are they just a pleasant aftermath or is something being released?

A: Yes, you are right. Just pick up the sutra as a faint idea and let it go. Then 15 seconds of silence. The discussions on meaning have nothing to do with performance of the samyama practice itself. Some people are going through some clarification, settling in with meanings, finding their own ecology. We have many languages in the group, so you can imagine what everyone is going through. As everyone settles in, the meanings go to subconscious. That is not part of the practice of samyama. It is just like, "What is akasha?... Okay, that is what it is." Then just forget it and do samyama on the words, the sutra. The meaning is in there. We don't ponder it during samyama. We just pick up the sutra faintly, and then let go.

The pleasurable "bursts" are very good. Inner silence is moving in you from your samyama. It can be experienced in many ways. Another lesson (on becoming "super-normal") has been posted today with more details on that. Many are having similar experiences. No need to "control" experiences. They are natural. Let them happen, within reason. They are the release of obstructions and the emergence of divine energy. They will stabilize to steadiness over time -- more natural silent bliss and ecstatic radiance in life. Samyama is doing yoga from the inside out, added to our practices that go from the outside in.

The early results many are having with samyama are very impressive. Bravo!

The guru is in you.

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