Advanced Yoga Practices
Easy Lessons for Ecstatic Living

Welcome to Advanced Yoga Practices (AYP). This website introduces nearly 1000 instructional lessons and additions, and many other resources that have been developed and enhanced since 2003. Join the thousands of people who have been using these easy-to-follow teachings, and begin to incorporate powerful advanced yoga practices into your daily life in a practical, safe, and results-oriented way.

The AYP techniques act directly through heart, mind, body, breath and sexuality. Practices taught include Deep Meditation using an efficient universal mantra, advanced Spinal Breathing Pranayama methods, Samyama, Self-Inquiry, and an integration of Hatha, Kundalini and Tantra techniques, all for steadily cultivating inner peace and enlightenment through an easy daily practice. Everyone is encouraged to go at their own speed in taking on new practices. Much attention is devoted in AYP to developing skill in "self-pacing," with the aim of assisting every practitioner to become self-sufficient with these powerful tools that cultivate human spiritual transformation.

If you find the introductory resources on this website helpful on your path, consider taking action to go much deeper, greatly benefiting yourself and many others. AYP is sustained and continues to move forward as a dynamic global community of practitioners, teachers and volunteers through
book sales, AYP Plus subscriptionsRetreats and Teacher Training Courses, and private donations. However you choose to get involved, your participation and support are much appreciated, accelerating your own spiritual progress while helping to share the AYP teachings and programs with many around the world.

The author, Yogani, is an American spiritual scientist with more than 50 years experience in blending powerful yoga methods with the modern lifestyle. The focus here is on revealing practices that work, not on promoting a sectarian view. All are invited to join in, regardless of background or level of skill in spiritual practice. This is a flexible, scientific approach rather than a rigid, arbitrary one. The author has no desire for guru status - only to have the joy of making a contribution to helping the formerly secret disciplines of effective spiritual practice become open and useful for everyone. He wishes to remain anonymous, preserving a quiet life in practices. AYP is not about the author. It is about all who long for knowledge.

It is hoped you will find the AYP teachings and programs to be useful resources as you travel along your chosen spiritual path. Practice wisely, and enjoy!

The guru is in you.

Copyright Notice: All online writings by Yogani are copyrighted. "Fair use" samples (a few lines) of the lessons may be quoted by anyone. Please include a link back to this website along with any quotes copied to other websites, newsletters, forums, blogs, etc. Reproduction, downloading or printing of the online lessons in whole or substantial part is not permitted. For downloading and/or printing of the complete lessons (with substantial additions), please download the AYP eBooks.

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Questions submitted to Yogani and in the AYP Support Forums are done so with understanding and permission that they may be published anonymously for the benefit of all in the online lessons in a Q&A or testimonial, and/or in a subsequent book, except in the case where it is requested that the contents of an email submittal remain private. Reader privacy is fully respected, and all comments are welcome.

 Each is responsible for his or her own spiritual progress, and for the methods applied. What you do with the AYP resources and all related content and programs is your call.